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Cardi B Hosts a Supercar-Themed Party for Her One-Year-Old Son, Including Several Real Lamborghinis

Cardi B and Offset, who are known for lavish displays of affection and outrageous birthday parties, celebrated their son’s first birthday over the weekend. Unlike most parents, Cardi and Offset went all out for this milestone, which only the adult guests will remember. They chose a supercar-themed party, complete with real Lamborghini as static displays.

Cardi B and Offset are two of the most popular rappers and business owners in the world, and they can certainly afford it. They also have a very impressive car collection, and we suspect that the three Lamborghinis used as displays were probably loaners from the family garage.

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Most kids enjoy playing with toy cars, and Wave Set Cephus, Cardi B, and Offset’s son is no exception. But, unlike most boys, he received a car-themed party that even we adults would have enjoyed, complete with real Lambos, several car models, a couple of balloon Lambos, and plenty of automotive-inspired party accessories. Wave won’t remember anything, but judging by social media posts, everyone had a good time.

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At one point, the honoree himself arrived at the party in style, driving what appeared to be a blinged-out, customised Mercedes G-Wagen, the kiddie version. Kulture, his sister, assisted by pushing the kiddie car when their father was not operating it remotely. Wave seemed as interested in everything that was going on as any other toddler his age, which isn’t saying much.

As previously stated, Cardi and Offset are avid collectors of custom-made luxury vehicles. They appear to have a soft spot for Lamborghinis and Rolls-Royces, with the former being one of the first entries into the now-reputable collection, and Cardi taking great pride in having paid for them in cash. Clearly, these two want to instil a love of Lamborghinis in their young son from an early age.


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