Common Saftey Features In Indian Cars 2021 | Saftey Trends In Indian Cars


Top Saftey Features In Indian Cars 2021

It took a pandemic to teach humans that nothing matters more than life, not even money. But, if demographics are to be compared in India, road accidents have taken much more lives as compared to this virus. So, here are some of the most common feature that

1. Dual Airbags

Dual airbag is very common feature in foreign countries, or even mandatory. While in India we don’t such norms untill last year. But because of the updated BNVSAP norms, now dual airbags come as a standard saftey features in most of the cars in India. And as per BNVSAP norms, every single car should have atleast two front airbags. The purpose of an airbag is to reduce injury by either cushioning the occupants contact with the interior of the vehicle or preventing contact completely. An airbag is a large nylon bag which inflates and deflates very rapidly in the event of a severe crash.


Electronic’s has been evolved in the cars very much, now ABS & EBD are also the mandatory features sold in Indian cars. ABS which stands for Anti Lock Braking System helps prevent wheels from locking up – possibly allowing the driver to steer to safety or help you steer in emergencies by restoring traction to your tires. Anti-lock brakes have been proven to save lives in some situations by helping drivers keep control of a vehicle.

3. Speed Sensing Door Lock

Automatic door-locks or speed sensing door locks are often touted as a ‘feature’ in modern-day cars. What this technology does is automatically locks the car’s doors, either when the car reaches a certain speed, or after a set interval of time, post the ignition is turned on.

4. Seatbelt Pre-Tensioners

A pretensioner is designed to retract some of the webbing of a seatbelt the instant a collision occurs, tightening the seatbelt to restrain occupants quickly and reducing the amount they are thrown forward in a moderate or severe frontal crash.

5. Rear Parking Sensor

Parking sensors are the proximity sensors which assist the driver in detecting nearby objects while parking a car. Manufacturers typically install them on the bumpers of a car. Thus, this system is a type of driver assistance system. … Rear sensors located on the rear bumper.

6. Hill Hold Control

Hill hold control systems assist the driver in these situations by keeping the brakes applied until torque from the engine is applied to wheels. Depending on the manufacturer, hill hold control may also be referred to as hill-start assist or hill-start control.


  1. Standard safety features do make the cars safer but with standard safety features, it is necessary to also improve build quality in Indian cars as every car that is launched in India should be tested by GNCAP and strictly a car with 4 star rating should be made mandatory as India is a country where motor vehicles do meet with accidents a lot and people are injured sometimes due to cars unsafe by nature. Many people say that build quality cannot save but it actually saves.


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