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10 Coolest Body Mods For Your Corvette C8

There are already a slew of fantastic aftermarket tweaks for the new Corvette C8, ranging from rear wings to LEDs to whole body packages.

The Chevrolet C8 Corvette, which debuted with the 2020 model year as the first-ever production ‘Vette with a rear-mid-engine design, is a sight to behold. The C8 produced 20,368 Corvettes in its first year. Final figures for 2021 showed that 26,216 C8s were constructed, with just about 46K C8s in use around the world.

Even though the C8 Corvette is already an unique sight travelling through most cities, owners still hunt for methods to set theirs apart from others. One of the earliest and most simple ways to “stand out” comes right from the factory: ordering a less common paint colour, which a few buyers did.

Rapid Blue, Accelerate Yellow, and Zeus Bronze were only produced in less than 1000 units out of a total of 26,000 Corvettes constructed in 2021, making them some of the most sought-after C8s on the road.

C8 Corvette accessories have become more widely available in the last year, and aftermarket customization has exploded as a new way to “make it your own.” With ready-to-install bolt-on upgrades, any colour and package C8 could stand out even in a parking lot full of other C8s.

To customise the outside of a C8, there are rear wing alternatives, trim kinds, grille insert replacements, additional LEDs, striping and badging, and even whole body kits available. There are numerous options available, with just budget constraints acting as a stumbling block. Here are 10 of the coolest exterior alterations we’ve seen so far, along with their price tags.

10. Stainless Side Vent Trim (Boomerangs): $150

The most cost-effective fix on our list is the boomerangs or side vent trim on a C8 Corvette. Body-matched, blackout, or carbon fibre side trim choices are available to customise the look of a ‘Vette. The stainless variant is also available, however it has a less frequent appearance.

The laser-cut stainless steel trim pieces with a glossy sheen and chrome moulding finish are included in this four-piece set. American Car Craft is the company that makes it.

9. Front Lip Splitter: $750

For the mid-engine C8 Corvette, there are a few different front splitters to choose from. The 5VM Style Front Splitter from ACS Composite is the subject of this article.

In Carbon Flash Black, the 5VM has a one-piece construction. It may be installed without drilling and is completely reversible. A splitter is a tweak that can help aerodynamics in addition to the overall aesthetic on the front of the ‘Vette, thus preferences can vary. ACS Composite assists buyers in making decisions.

8. Smoked Rear Lights: $1,540

The first blackouts for the C8 Corvette rears, including taillights and markings, were introduced by GScreations. A customer of their smoked tails package will receive two new original OEM C8 rears coated in their “smoke paint blend.”

Before being polished, the tails are covered in three layers of clear coat. It is necessary to remove the rear bumper in order to install it.

7. Winged Side Skirts: $1800

C8 side skirts are available in a variety of styles. Winged and wingless varieties are available. Our selection from Atomic6Carbon is shown below. For $1,800, you can get them in fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP).

These skirts may be color-matched for an extra $200, and the color-matched pinstripe was the bespoke appearance that attracted our eye. The C8 has a one-of-a-kind style thanks to its meticulous attention to detail.

6. Carbon Fiber Side Skirts: $2500

Carbon fibre is another option for the C8 side skirt. These carbon fibre skirts are available for $2,500 from Racing Sport Concepts. They’re made for taste and function, enhancing the finish while also boosting airflow and lowering drag.

The installation is touted as simple and does not necessitate any changes to the C8. The side skirt installation instructions, on the other hand, ask for a lift, thus a professional may be necessary.

5. Widebody RR Hood $2,000

This Widebody RR hood from Sigala Designs is billed as the world’s first aftermarket hood for the C8. The ‘Vette’s unique look is enhanced by the double ghost vents.

Fiberglass is used to make the most cost-effective version. For a price difference, a carbon fibre unit or a hybrid of the two is available. It can be painted to match any factory colour. It’s a 10- to 15-minute installation that employs original hood hardware.

4. GT2 Wing: $2,700

This LG GT2 Wing is available for about $3,000 and adds the American Le Mans GT2 race car vibe to a C8 Corvette. LG Motorsports claims that the body mod not only customises the Corvette’s appearance, but it also provides amazing track downforce without a significant increase in aero drag.

The carbon-fiber wing is intended to be attached to the frame rather than the body. Carbon-fiber endplates and aluminium mounts are included.

3. Lambo Doors: $2,900

Vertical Doors, Inc., the sole producer of a vertical Lambo door conversion in the United States, presents us this incredibly unique C8 Corvette body change. Their Lambo-Style Vertical Door Hinge Conversion Kit is a bolt-on that is manufactured specifically for the car and requires no welding for installation.

Bolt-on hinge mounts with factory bolt pattern standards, as well as pairs of gas shocks and door hinges, are included in the package. It’s completely reversible.

2. Vinyl Body Wrap

Changing a vehicle’s exterior colour is one of the most noticeable changes you can make, and moving the C8 out of its factory hue may give it a genuinely exotic look. It’s a risky move if taken too far, but since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that’s up to interpretation.

Satin Blue Sea Purple was used on this C8 Corvette. A wrap might cost anywhere between $3,000 and $10,000.

1. Carbon Fiber Wide-Track Package: $20,000+

This Chevy C8 Corvette body alteration is the ultimate if lowering another two racks doesn’t frighten you away. The special-order Carbon Fiber Wide-Track Package, brought to us exclusively by Anderson Composites, may cost about 20% of the buying price of a C8, but it is unquestionably the most eye-catching on the list.

The all-carbon-fiber multi-piece pack lowers the Vette’s profile by 12 inches in the front and 1 34 inches in the back. The kit features a front bumper with front splitter and canards, rear bumper with rear diffuser, fuel door, pairs of rocker panels with splitters vented front fenders, and rear quarter panels, all inspired by Chevrolet’s Corvette C8.R grand touring race car. The hood, roof panel, hatch doors, wind, and other trim parts are sold separately.


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