Top 10 125cc Scooters in 2022

The magic engine displacement number of 125 cubic centimetres allows you to reach highway speeds while avoiding costly licencing costs and insurance charges. Overall, twist and go scooters in this class are among the most popular city commuters for millions of people across the world, and in today’s post, we’ll look at the newest 125 models that mix exceptional dynamic performance with excellent practicality. The following is a list of the Top 10 125cc Scooters for 2022.

Top 125cc ScootersPrice (USD)
1. Honda Super Cub 125  $3,749 
2. Yamaha Xmax 125 $5,699
3. SYM Joymax Z+ 125  $4088
4. Lexmoto Aura $2982
5. Honda PCX125  $3,699
6. Kymco Downtown 125 $2,399 
7. Aprilia SXR 125 —-
8. Yamaha NMAX $5,799
9. SYM Fiddle 125 $2,299
10. Lexmoto Apollo 125 $3,000

1. Honda Super Cub 125 

 Honda Super Cub 125 
Honda Super Cub 125 

After 62 years on the market, the cub still holds the distinction of most produced automobile in history. This year, the 125 cc model received a number of improvements aimed at making it more practical and fuel-efficient, including being the first to fulfil tier 5 requirements. A new air-cooled SOHC architecture, as well as matching ECU tuning and a new exhaust system, are included on the four-stroke engine.

It has a 9.8-horsepower engine and is coupled to a twist-and-go 4-speed automatic transmission. The tubular steel frame is unchanged, but the telescopic forks and double shocks benefit from the new springs.

2. Yamaha Xmax 125

Yamaha Xmax 125
Yamaha Xmax 125

If you’re searching for a scooter that balances practicality, sportiness, and utility, go no further than the x-max 125, which is one of the finest alternatives in its segment for 2021. The model is powered by a new 125cc blue core engine that is cr5 compatible and features a start-stop function for improved fuel consumption. On the outside, the dynamic wind-cheating bodywork, bright dual led headlights, and motorcycle-style front forks with 110 millimetres of travel highlight the athletic DNA.

The spacious dual seat can be outfitted with a rear carrier and a 50-liter top case for the asking price, and there’s ample room under the seat for two full-face helmets.

3. SYM Joymax Z+ 125 

SYM Joymax Z+ 125 
SYM Joymax Z+ 125 

Sim is introducing a dynamic version of the joymax c to anyone searching for a large maxi-style scooter with the benefits of a 125cc engine. For additional safety in the case of a collision, the model now sports fresh body colours and fully led drls and headlights. Slowly mounted, the four-stroke single-cylinder engine produces just shy of 15 horsepower at 8750 rpm.

Thanks to its compact body size, adjustable telescopic forks, dual shock absorber, and ABS, the joy max c 125 delivers a wonderful balance of quick handling and riding comfort.

4. Lexmoto Aura

Lexmoto Aura
Lexmoto Aura

This law-abiding city slicker returns as a student. Your five emission standards are met with an 86 mpg vehicle that can travel over 180 miles on a single tank of gas. The 54-inch wheelbase and 285-pound curb weight make this vehicle manageable. According to Leximoto, the tube is equipped with a 125 cc air-cooled single cylinder engine that produces 9.7 horsepower and has a top speed of 63 mph.

There are also hydraulic disc brakes, bright led lighting, electric start, and a large LCD screen. Your phone can be charged via a conventional USB connector, and it has plenty of storage. Finally, the suspension consists of standard telescopic forks and a double shock absorber.

5. Honda PCX125 

Honda PCX125 
Honda PCX125 

After ten years on the market, the Honda pc-x will be entirely redesigned in 2021. It’ll ride on a new solid steel cradle chassis with upgraded rear shocks and mismatched 14 and 13-inch wheels.

The smart key now controls both the ignition and the seat, and new wide-screen instrumentation has been added, but the most significant improvement for the 2021 model is the new enhanced smart power plus 4 stroke engine with water cooling, which produces 12 and a half horsepower. In optimum conditions, the torque is 8.7 pound-feet, with top speeds of 61 miles per hour.

6. Kymco Downtown 125

Kymco Downtown 125

With eight models now on the market, the Taiwanese Kymco claims to have the industry’s most diverse variety of 125 cc motorcycles. The largest model with 2d qualifications is the downtown 125. It sees a significant roster shift without having to say goodbye to the leadership team.

The Kymco downtown 125 is powered by a euro 5 124.8 cc engine that produces 13 horsepower and reaches a top speed of 70 mph. The bike’s look is sportier, with a unique shiny black body colour and, most crucially, more modern led optics that follow the maxi scooter style.

7. Aprilia SXR 125

Aprilia SXR 125
Aprilia SXR 125

It was designed in Italy specifically for India. The new sxr is built on the maxify life philosophy, which comprises a mix of contemporary elegance and maxi scooter amenities in a compact package. With matte black inlays and chrome components, the newcomer is completed in a tri-coat HD Aprilia signature graphics. The headlights include double crystal led technology and position trls, and the rear wraparound slide cluster is completely lighted by LEDs as well.

On 5 spoke metallic grey alloy wheels with trademark red brand stamps, our nine-and-a-half horsepower 125 cc bivi engine with three-valve fuel injection and clean emission engine technology is written.

8. Yamaha NMAX

Yamaha NMAX
Yamaha NMAX

Yamaha’s response to the needs of autonomous urban commuting is backed up by a newly reworked chassis that increases nmax agility at higher speeds while also allowing the rider to maximise comfort by adjusting the feed position and maximising wind protection. The scooter’s engine meets all Euro 5 requirements while preserving all torque and power.

The engine has traction control and stop-start technology, and the front and rear wheels are 13 inches. Leaker bodywork, a more aerodynamic fairing, and a less angular front end with new twin-led headlights and drills are also included in the model.

9. SYM Fiddle 125

SYM Fiddle 125
SYM Fiddle 125

Thousands of young riders have gravitated to the retro-inspired violin because of its unique style and affordable price. The newly renovated model has a check leather finish and all-around led illumination. The engine in the sim is a straightforward 11-horsepower mono cylinder with liquid cooling.

However, it is Euro 5 compliant and now has a cutting-edge anti-lift engine hanger system that increases handling stability. The Sim Federal 125 produces 7.6 bone foot of torque at 6500 rpm and can cruise at over 70 mph. A hazardous control light, a new LCD instrument panel, a USB 2.0 port, and adjustable rear suspension are all standard features on the newcomer.

10. Lexmoto Apollo 125

Lexmoto Apollo 125
Lexmoto Apollo 125

Everything is totally new in 2021. The apollo maxi scooter was designed with a larger 3.4 gallon gas tank, a more ergonomic riding stance, and a wide, comfortable seat in mind. The model is 85 inches long and weights 321 pounds when wet, making it suitable for everyday usage.

It’s a 5.9-horsepower single-cylinder engine with air conditioning that can propel the scooter to a top speed of 63 miles per hour. Two lockable storage containers are located in the front, while additional storage can be found behind the apollo seat.

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