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David Coulthard Driving his Aston Martin Valkyrie in Monaco

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The Aston Martin Valkyrie and Mercedes-AMG One are two of the most rare hypercars available today, not only because of their small numbers but also because being able to afford one doesn’t always mean you can. One man, who has recently been spotted driving a Valkyrie, is able to purchase both, though. (Ivermectin)

We’re referring to David Coulthard, who acknowledged in 2019 that he had placed orders for the Mercedes-Benz and Aston Martin hypercars. According to ExoticCarspotters on YouTube, the former F1 driver turned commentator and presenter was spotted behind the wheel of a Valkyrie.

The 13-time Grand Prix champion was riding a Valkyrie around Monaco’s streets in the company of his son, Dayton Coulthard. The Valkyrie, with its Marina Blue exterior and light blue Alcantara interior, is thought to be Coulthard’s, and it is assigned chassis number 86 out of 150.

The Valkyrie is an F1-inspired hypercar with a naturally aspirated 6.5-liter Cosworth V12 engine that can reach 11,000 rpm, for those who are unaware. It functions in tandem with a hybrid system created by Rimac to produce a combined 1,140 horsepower (838 kilowatts).

Adrian Newey, a designer for Red Bull F1, was responsible for Aston Martin’s first authentic hypercar. Additionally, it was created at the team’s Milton Keynes headquarters, where Aston Martin established a design studio. During the last two seasons of his Formula One career, Coulthard was a Red Bull Racing driver.

The Valkyrie will only ever be produced in 150 units, each costing more than $3 million. The Valkyrie began shipping in November of last year, so it is not surprising that there have been a few reports of customer-owned units being seen in the open.

The hand-assembled Mercedes-AMG One is currently in production, and this year’s deliveries will begin. Possibly in the future, Coulthard will also be driving his AMG One.

Source: ExoticCarspotters via YouTube

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