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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Aston Martin DBS Volante, What’s Special ??

When the Wolf 🐺 of Ball ⚽️ comes out to hunt!
Here’s football legend 🌟 Cristiano Ronaldo ( @Cristiano ) arriving for training at Manchester United F.C. with his batmobiles-the Aston Martin DBS Volante and Aston Martin DBX.

These cars are chump change compared to the other four-wheeled monsters lurking 👀 inside his garage. CR7’s Collection is worth millions. We’ve featured some of his cars and mentioned almost his entire collection in previous posts.

✨ There are barely any quality snaps of this car on the internet, so we’ll dig deep and experiment with the pictures that we have now.
Here’s his Aston Martin DBS Volante & DBX in all-black spec.

The DBS is painted in Q Satin Jet Black-a dark, solid, satin black shade from the standard palette. It was recently used on the Vantage F1 Edition as one of @AstonMartinLagonda ‘s halo paint colours to celebrate their return to Formula 1® after 60 years.

The Accent Parts are done in 2×2 Twill Shiny Black Carbon Fibre, Matt Black, and Gloss Black, respectively. The Aston Martin Wings 🦅 badges and the designation inscriptions are done in Black Chrome.

The Electrically Retractable Fabric SoftTop is specced in Black.

The Interior seems to be specced in full Onyx Black Leather with tone-on-tone Black Stitching. Apart from that, there’s barely any spec info.
We’ll have to wait for more pics to be posted to know more about the spec!

✨ The Aston Martin DBX is also finished in Q Jet Black, but it is the glossy version and not the matte finish. The Trim Parts are specced in standard Shiny Black and Matt Black, respectively.

The DBX is primarily driven and used by CR’s bodyguards.

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