Famous Celebrities That Died In A Car Accident


For some people, cars are just a mode of transport. While for some, they are life. But sometimes people tend to forget that they should drive their car responsibly. This results in accidents, sometimes minor and sometimes fatal. It is not the driver who is the culprit always, but sometimes it might be the car. Some mechanism malfunctions which results in accidents. There are many famous examples of such accidents.

CelebrityCause of the Crash
Ryan DunnLost Control on Vehicle
James DeanTraffic Collision
Grace KellyHad a stroke while driving
Drazen PetrovicTraffic Collision
Bob SimonTraffic Collision

Celebrities are known to have very great car collections. So if one car gets caught in an accident, they can use another one. But that doesn’t mean that the risk of life loss is not there. Many celebrities have died in a car accidents. Today We will take a look at a few of them:-

1. Ryan Dunn

Famous Car Crash 1

Ryan Dunn was part of the Jackass crew starring in television and movies, pulling off various (Sometimes Dangerous) pranks. So no one expected him to die in a car crash. One day, he was driving his 2007 Porsche 911 GT3 at speeds higher than 125 mph. He suddenly lost control and then the car collided with the Guardrail and crashed in the woods. Ryan died from the impact of the car crash and the resulting fire.

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2. James Dean

Famous Car Crash 2

Becoming a famous Cultural icon due to his film, ‘Rebel Without a Cause’, actor James Dean was also interested in motorsports. He also bought a Triumph Tiger T110 and Porsche 356. He also later traded his Porsche 356 for a faster Porsche 550 Spyder. While taking the car to the race event, he also got a speeding ticket. Later; a missed attempt of a side-stepping racing manoeuvre to avoid crashing into the oncoming car made his car cartwheel thrice and land in a gully. The actor was severely injured and was reported as ‘Dead on Arrival’.

3. Grace Kelly

Famous Car Crash 3

Academy Award-winning actress Grace Kelly i.e. Princess Grace of Monaco died in a car crash at the age of 52. She suffered a stroke while driving with her daughter Stephanie. At one point in their journey, there was a sharp bend. Grace missed that turn, which sent their car over a 120-foot slope. After that, she was rushed to the hospital. There she suffered a second haemorrhage and never regained consciousness.

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4. Drazen Petrovic

Famous Basketballer Drazen Petrovic died in the prime of his career. While avoiding a collision with a personal vehicle in its own lane, a truck crashed through the median barrier while blocking all three lanes of traffic going in the opposite direction. Just after that, a Volkswagen Golf carrying Petrovic in the passenger seat crashed into the truck, which killed Petrovic and left others severely injured. Apparently, he was sleeping and also not wearing the seatbelt.

5. Bob Simon

The award-winning war reporter and longtime correspondent for the ‘60 minutes‘ news show died in a car accident in 2015. He was the winner of 3 Peabody Awards and 27 Emmy Awards. Bob was the passenger in a livery cab that sideswiped a Mercedes Benz sedan stopped at a red light. While the cab company was sued initially, the company has said that the death occurred due to Simon not wearing seatbelts.

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