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Ford Maverick Pickup Truck Recalled for Side Airbag Issue

The air bag issue in certaiFord Maverick trucks was first brought to the company’s notice

Although the Ford Maverick is a popular pick-up truck from the manufacturer, 64,974 vehicles produced between February 3 and July 9 of this year have been subject to a significant recall. According to a report by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the affected vehicles are fitted with side curtain air bags that may not deploy correctly (NHTSA). This results in a violation of federal laws and raises questions about the occupants’ safety.

The automaker is not currently aware of any incidents involving accidents or injuries related to the problem, but the recalled Mavericks will be fitted with brand-new side curtain air bag modules with a distinctive design. From September 22, the company will start sending emails to owners of impacted vehicles informing them that the repairs will be made at no additional cost to them.

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Ford was first made aware of the Maverick truck air bag issue when NHTSA’s Office of Vehicle Safety Compliance contacted the company on June 29 with the findings of a compliance audit involving ejection mitigation requirements. The air bag’s displacement results for the front lower primary target were 111.9 mm (4.4 inches), exceeding the federal limit of 100 mm (3.9 inches), according to the results.

This was in contrast to Ford’s certification testing from December 2020, which indicated a displacement of between 82.5 and 88.4 mm (3.2 and 3.5 inches). Ford then analyzed the NHTSA test data and compared it to its own results, but at that point it wasn’t able to figure out a reason for the differences. In July, Ford conducted a test with “new, current batch side curtain air bags from the [Hermosillo] assembly plant” and found out that these too exceeded federal limits.

After this, the company issued an order to stop shipment of order at its plant and on August 1, it decided to issue a recall for the affected Maverick pick up trucks.

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