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Hatchbacks With Highest Waiting Period In April 2022

The demand for new cars in India is currently very high. Manufacturers are working hard to meet it, but it’s becoming difficult due to production constraints (such as the worldwide semiconductor chip shortage). As a result, many autos now have lengthy waiting times. We’ve compiled a list of the five hatchbacks currently on sale in India with the longest official wait times.

The manual petrol models of the Tata Tiago have a four-month waiting period, while the automatic variants have a five-month waiting period. The i-CNG variant of the Tata hatchback can take up to four months to arrive.

Tata Tiago XE
Tata Tiago XE

The Baleno, Maruti’s premium hatchback, now has a waiting period of up to four months, depending on the model. For specific models of its rebadged version, Toyota Glanza, the wait time might be up to two months. Both of these hatchbacks have just received considerable updates in India.

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Hatchbacks With Highest Waiting Period

HatchbacksWaiting Period In April 2022
Tata TiagoUp to 5 months
Maruti BalenoUp to 4 months
Hyundai i20Up to 3 months
Maruti AltoUp to 2 months
Toyota GlanzaUp to 2 months

The waiting period for the Hyundai i20 (N Line performance version) has increased to three months, but only for the ‘1.2L petrol Asta (O)’ variation. Buyers of all other Hyundai premium hatchback versions will have to wait one to two months for delivery.

Hyundai i20 N-line: 20.25 km/l
Hyundai i20 N-line: 20.25 km/l

The Maruti Suzuki Alto is the cheapest model in the Indo-Japanese carmaker’s lineup, and it is in high demand among Indian new car buyers. The delivery time for the petrol-only models of the Maruti hatchback is roughly two months, while the S-CNG variants require a three-month wait.

Despite the fact that SUVs are becoming increasingly popular, hatchbacks continue to sell well. While many hatchbacks are still affordable, there are a few options for those who want to splash the cash, therefore catering to a wide population. In addition, as compared to sedans and SUVs, hatchbacks are more easier to drive, especially in congested areas.

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