Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Heatwave In Europe: Bizarre Warnings Of Penalty For Uk Motorists

Temperatures in many parts of Europe have soared past 40 degree Celsius, compounding problems for motorists already dealing with significantly high fuel prices.Most Europeans love the sun but July is turning out to be an absolute scorcher that is hardly pleasing to people at large. For a plethora of reasons, the mercury has climbed to unprecedented highs this July with temperatures in many countries here either crossing 40 degree Celsius or being on the verge of crossing the mark. Motorists who are accustomed to driving in freezing conditions and in snow are finding it hard to tackle the sizzling weather and those in the UK now have to be additionally careful to avoid certain situations on the road that could potentially invite a penalty.

Drivers in the UK are being instructed to keep their vehicles properly ventilated in order to avoid becoming drowsy when on the move. In the case of an accident where it is found that the cabin temperature was too high – indicating the air-conditioning was not at optimum level and may have impacted driver alertness – the said driver could face a penalty of up to 5,000 pounds. The reason why this is being underlined specifically by local authorities is that with fuel prices at high levels, many are opting to keep the air-conditioning in their vehicles off or at low levels despite the heatwave.

Motor experts here are advising people behind wheels to avoid a situation where they turn off air-conditioning in order to save fuel. Many say that while all windows can be rolled down while driving within city limits at low speeds, on motorways, this would increase the drag and therefore increase fuel consumption.

Additionally, health experts in the UK are also advising people at large to up their water intake. Motorists, especially, are being asked to keep a bottle of water in their vehicles at all times. 

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