Friday, March 1, 2024

Here Are 11 Simple Tips To Improve The Range Of Your EV

Did you know that keeping your car’s bodywork clean can actually make a difference?

There are a variety of things electric vehicle owners may do to extend the range of their vehicles, the most of which are relatively straightforward to do.

For example, if you’re gentle with the throttle pedal, you might be able to get more miles out of a full battery charge than if you rip your car every time you go grocery shopping. When possible, use regen braking rather than the actual brake pedal, which is related to driving style.

In addition, if your trunk and cabin are always stuffed with goods you don’t need, your range will suffer when compared to merely carrying essentials. It’s also a good idea to follow the tyre pressure recommendations in the owner’s manual.

While these are evident to every EV driver, there are other, more subtle techniques to get more range out of your vehicle. In a recent video, YouTube personality Gjeebs lists 11 of them; while he concentrates on how to enhance range on a Tesla (he has a Model Y), most of these recommendations apply to any EV—or any automobile for that matter.

Switching the acceleration mode from Standard to Chill is the first item on the list. This is done through the infotainment system, and it slows down the Tesla’s acceleration. As the YouTube vlogger points out, because your tyres are subjected to reduced torque levels in Chill mode, this has a favourable influence on their lifespan.

The next tip is to simply switch off the heat or air conditioning within the cabin, which most people are unwilling to do; nevertheless, if you need every mile of range possible, turning off the HVAC system will make your EV more efficient.

Why don’t you check to see if your car is clean? Yes, a car that has been washed and waxed can have more range on a full charge than one that has dust, mud, or any other type of dirt on it that causes drag.

To discover more about how to extend the range of your electric vehicle, watch the video above.


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