How Much Does It Cost To Drive A Tesla 32,000 Miles In 2022?

How Much Does It Cost To Drive A Tesla 32,000 Miles In 2022?
How Much Does It Cost To Drive A Tesla 32,000 Miles In 2022?

That’s a whole lot of miles, and with high gas prices, it means a whole lot of savings.

For years, Kim Java, whose YouTube channel was previously known as “Like Tesla,” has been driving Tesla automobiles. She mentions that her family travels a great deal each year for a variety of reasons.

Kim and her hubby have a Tesla Model 3 that they share. They have children who are interested in a variety of activities and, unsurprisingly, have logged a lot of miles. Fortunately, the Model 3 is one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles on the market, so Kim and her family are saving a lot of money on “fuel.”

While some people do drive more than 32,000 miles each year, this is far from the norm. Instead, many drivers go roughly 1,000 miles every month, averaging 15,000 miles per year. The average US family does not normally put nearly 100,000 miles on a passenger car in three years, though it would make sense if all of the driving was concentrated in one vehicle.

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Many people began working from home during the pandemic, some children attended school virtually, and many activities, such as sports and theatre, were cancelled or limited. As a result, fewer people drove at that time. However, much of the country appears to be returning to “normal,” albeit a new normal for many people.

Regardless, people are returning to work, children are returning to school, traffic is increasing, and gas prices are rising. It’s the ideal time to buy an electric vehicle, but will it save you money?

Kim’s in-depth study highlights the obvious. The more you drive an EV, the more money you save. This is due to the fact that EVs have greater upfront expenses than gas cars, so you’ll have to drive a lot or for a long time to recoup your investment. The Model 3 currently starts at $46,990, and prices are continuing to grow. This is clearly more than Kim spent for the 2018 model.

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Still, while the Model 3 is expensive, its starting price isn’t any higher than the average price of a new car in the US, though that doesn’t suggest that the masses can afford it. However, if they realized how much they could save over time, it might be worth paying the high upfront cost if they can figure out how to make it work financially.

In the end, Kim says her family would have spent $5,204 on gas over 32,000 miles based on current prices. Meanwhile, the EV “fuel” for the same miles at current energy prices comes out to less than $1,000.

Kim emphasises that gas and energy prices change, vary by region, and are not always as high as they are today. They will, however, most certainly rise and fall frequently in the future, thus preparing for the worst-case scenario is a viable option.

Electricity rates will vary and climb as well, but in Kim’s experience, they have remained far more stable than gas prices. So, what are your thoughts? Please leave a remark.

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