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How To Correctly Drive On A Six-Lane Highway ?

Overtaking vehicles on highways should be done with caution. When changing lanes, a vehicle should indicate other automobiles and vehicles.

Some of the fundamentals to remember when driving on six-lane highways are given below for your convenience. It would aid other cars in judging and having proper time while changing lanes or passing another vehicle. Whether you are an expert or beginner driving the car, it is better to follow the rules.

1. Get Through The Right Entry Point

Make sure you perform the proper entrance, which is tough, and obtain the right one before you start driving on the highway. Begin on the highway and drive gently while keeping an eye on your speed. You should be cautious of large automobiles and trucks in this area, and attempt to stay in the first lane. Regardless of whatever lane you select on the highway, try to keep to it. If you stay in the same lane the entire time, this will also help you gain and maintain speed. On a highway, it is not recommended to try to pass vehicles and maintain the greatest possible speed control.

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2. Drive On The Correct Lane

On highways, you must wait to take the speed, and once you do, you must be prepared to shift lanes. When changing lanes, however, it is especially necessary for newcomers to be cautious. Slow and entering cars should use the first lane. Two-wheelers should attempt to take the first lane. It is preferable to avoid the first lane if you need to go a long distance. If you want to overtake on the right side, be cautious and adhere to all traffic regulations. When driving on six-lane highway routes, check the amount of automobiles approaching before deciding to pass on the right.

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3. Who Can Use The 2nd and 3rd Lanes?

The second lane is for vehicles speeding above 90 kilometres per hour. Though there are no strict rules, it is mainly for those travelling a long distance and maintaining a constant speed. If you are not comfortable with the third lane, it is better to be on the second lane and try to maintain speed. 

The third lane is mostly used for highway overtaking. It is for those who are capable of driving at speeds of up to 100 km/h and have a steady hand. They should finish overtaking the car and then change lanes if they want to return to the second lane from the third. When changing lanes, one must be cautious and know the methods to follow in order to do it correctly and securely. Trucks and buses favour the third lane, therefore drivers should be cautious of their speed, especially while changing lanes.

4. Get Correct Exit Point

There’s nothing like having a safe finale to your highway trip and adventure, which you may do by exiting the lane at the appropriate moment. When you get at your destination and have 1 kilometre or 500 metres to go, make sure you use the first lane before turning. When approaching your location, attempt to maintain a reasonable pace and a safe distance from cars that are also intended to take the first lane. Overtaking cars should never be mistaken during a highway departure. You’d be better off using turn indicators to specify your motion.

When changing lanes on the six highways, drivers in close proximity to you should be aware of your destination. Before proceeding to the second lane, make sure to notify your other riders, and then go to the lane with caution. As a responsible citizen, one must be cautious of oneself and anyone driving around him, and should avoid making any rapid highway turns. It is preferable to educate others and wait until they are ready to take the turn before proceeding, keeping a safe gap between you and all other cars around.

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