Tuesday, April 23, 2024

In Tesla vs Apple iPhone 13 Brute Hit At 113 Kmph, A Cracked Screen And Bumper

In a bizarre and unintentional occurrence, a Twitter user recently released a series of photographs depicting what occurs when an iPhone 13 collides with the force of a Tesla vehicle in a bizarre accident. Apple’s latest iPhone makes a lot of big boasts about its Ceramic Shield display and stainless steel shell, but a collision with a Tesla at 113 kilometres per hour? Surely this isn’t a David vs. Goliath battle? The impact’s outcome, on the other hand, may surprise you.

An iPhone 13 Pro Max is seen jammed against the front bumper of a Tesla electric vehicle in photographs shared on Twitter by @marvelwonderkat (EV). “Has anyone else ever had an iPhone 13 Pro Max empale their Tesla while driving 70 miles per hour on the highway?” “In the caption, the user said “It bounced once in front of me on the pavement, and this is what happened.””

The phone’s lower display is clearly damaged, as evidenced by the photos. “I initially mistook it for a bouncing metal part of a car on the motorway.” I also assumed the loud bang I heard was it slamming against my lower abdomen. “Stopped to Supercharge & this is what I found,” one of the same user’s answers to the post said.

What about that Tesla?

While the fact that the entire screen did not get crushed is being used by Apple fans as a testament to the much-touted ceramic display, the fact that the entire screen did not get smashed is being cited by Apple fans as a testament to the much-touted ceramic display. However, the Tesla’s front bumper was damaged and has a huge hole to show for its difficulties, which could be an evidence of its durability.
But does this imply that Tesla vehicles aren’t up to par in terms of quality? No, not at all.

It’s unclear how the incident happened in real time, and details like the angle of impact are unknown. While it’s true that Tesla has recently been chastised for the poor quality of materials used on and inside its electric vehicles, a strange road ‘accident’ may not be the best test.

Stones – or, in this case, a mobile phone – can inflict catastrophic damage to cars while travelling at high speeds. In this situation, the driver is fortunate that the phone crashed against the front bumper rather than the windshield, as this may have resulted in something far worse.


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