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India’s First Hero Splendor-Based Boat

The first Hero Splendor in India has been successfully converted into a boat in this video. A well-known YouTuber with over 27 million subscribers is Mr. Indian Hacker. He continues to experiment with and take on some unusual challenges involving cars. He made the decision to construct a boat out of a motorcycle this time that could actually float on water. Let’s investigate how he made it happen.

The YouTuber begins the video by outlining the strategy for the audience. He chose to conduct this experiment using a regular, battered old Splendor. He purchased two fuel tanks that are used in aircraft in order to make the motorcycle float on water. These appear to be sizable missiles, but they are hollow on the inside. Due to the weight of the bike, this would guarantee that they float on the water. Both of these fuel tanks are fastened to the bike’s sides.

The YouTuber introduces the plan to the audience at the beginning of the clip. For this experiment, he chose to use a regular, battered old Splendor. He bought 2 fuel tanks for aircraft in order to make the motorcycle float on water. These appear to be substantial missiles, but they are actually hollow inside. As a result, even with the weight of the bike, they would float on the water. These fuel tanks are secured to the bike’s sides with rope.

India's First Hero Splendor Turned To A Boat

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The second attempt was successful as a result. As the YouTube “drives” the bike on water,” the entire crew can be seen standing on the fuel tanks. The propeller works just like on a boat. In fact, which is a bonus, he can even steer the bike using the handlebar. ( We must warn our readers not to attempt such daredevilry on your own. The YouTuber spent weeks getting ready for this and followed all safety precautions. Do not attempt to mimic him in any way.

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