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Steam-Powered Tricycle From Recycled Material

After developing a steam-powered tricycle, a Brazilian engineer displayed his skills online. We are aware of the attention given to the search for alternative energy sources in the automotive sector as a result of environmental concerns. To move a tricycle, however, this is undoubtedly a novel source of drive power. Such creative and affordable solutions could partially achieve the goal since electric vehicles are too expensive for the majority of the world’s population.

In the video clip that we have here, a Brazilian is seen travelling down the road on a tricycle that is emitting water vapour. He creates it entirely from scratch. It’s interesting that only recycled materials were used to build the tricycle. He is renowned for producing a wide range of such goods, all of which are available on his YouTube channel. He used the adjustable seat from a car and the suspension rods from an old motorcycle to build this tricycle.

Using his vision, he built a drum that holds the wood and fire necessary to turn the water into steam at the back of the tricycle. The mechanism, which is powered by the steam, runs without the rider having to press a pedal. He or she could just relax in the personalised seat and take in the ride. However, because it’s a basic product, the operation is quite clumsy and noisy. It travels with a noticeable sound, as seen and heard in this brief clip. Regarding top speed, it was capable of 50 km/h, which is respectable.

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