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Porsche And Audi To Power Formula 1 Cars From 2026: Official

VW Group CEO Herbert Diess confirmed the Group’s premium brands will enter F1.

Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess confirmed suspicions that Porsche and Audi would join Formula 1 in some way, confirming that the two premium brands will compete in the world’s most prestigious racing championship. The crucial announcement was made during a “Dialog with Diess” livestream on the official VW Group YouTube channel, which was held in German.

The CEO has ruled out utilising the Volkswagen name in Formula One, stating that it “doesn’t suit” and that “the brand will not participate.” Instead, Porsche and Audi will compete under their own identities in the tournament. According to Diess, the upcoming rule changes in 2026 are the ideal time to enter the competition.

Porsche and Audi are making top-tier racing a priority starting in 2026, when combustion engines will run on entirely sustainable synthetic fuel. The senior brass of the Volkswagen Group stated that developing an F1 engine takes three to four years, thus a choice had to be made sooner rather than later to be ready for 2026.

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Porsche And Audi To Power Formula 1 Cars From 2026: Official

Why Formula One and not another kind of motorsport? Diess cited the competition’s “very positive global development” as a reason for the Group’s decision. The 63-year-old businessman feels that exposure has risen dramatically in the United States, with an increasing number of Asians tuning in to watch Formula One.

If Porsche and Audi had joined at a time when there were no big rule changes, Diess believes it would have taken the VW Group five to 10 years to contend for the title. Starting in 2026, when cars will have all-new engines, the playing field will be levelled. Both brands have begun engine development, but no decision on how they would effectively enter Formula One has been made at this time.

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According to the CEO of the Volkswagen Group, the Zuffenhausen brand has achieved considerable progress in this area. Porsche will partner with Red Bull, according to the latest speculations.

Ultimately, all members of the board voted favorably after being convinced that joining F1 is going to help bolster brand value for both German luxury automakers.



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