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Now get Max Verstappen’s winning Red Bull RB16B replica

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It only costs $10,000.

Amalgam Collection is offering a 1:8 scale replica of Max Verstappen’s championship-winning RB16B model, which is good news for Red Bull racing fans. The business previously collaborated with Red Bull Racing to create RB16B replicas of the vehicle Verstappen raced in the 2021 Abu Dhabi, Turkish, and Monaco Grands Prix.

In addition, the business also offered a replica of the RB16B that Sergio Perez used to win the 2021 Baku Grand Prix. Amalgan was able to precisely replicate every component of the race car, albeit on a smaller scale, thanks to the company’s provision of CAD data about the Red Bull RB16B.

Each example takes 250 hours to cast, paint, and assemble, while the replication of the model is said to have taken more than 2,500 hours to develop. And even though it’s a 1:8 scale model, it’s not exactly inexpensive. The Turkish Grand Prix model costs $10,578, whereas the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix vehicles each cost $10,504.

Amalgam Collection will build only 198 units of the Red Bull’s RB16B from the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, consisting of 99 scale models of Max Verstappen’s car and 99 models of Sergio Perez’s car. Those wanting something a little more rare can opt for the RB16B that raced at the Turkish Grand Prix, as it sports a unique livery and is limited to 33 Verstappen and 11 Perez pieces.

Source: Carbuzz


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