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These 10 Influencers Drive The Sickest Cars

Influencers are those who, as their name implies, have garnered millions of followers on social media. Prior to two decades ago, only actors, musicians, and professional athletes were referred to as “celebrities.” Through popular social media sites, influencers may instantly reach millions of people.

Influncers CarsSupercars
James CharlesMclaren 12C
Jake PaulFerrari SF90 Stradale
Supercar BlondieMclaren 720s
Mr. BeastLamborghini Huracan Spyder
KSILamborghini Aventador
David DobrikFerrari 458 Spider
Logan PaulPolaris Slingshot
Paris HiltonLexus LFA
Manny KhoshbinMcLaren Speedtail
Andrew TateBugatti Chiron Pur Sport

1. James Charles – Mclaren 12C

Influencers Supercars

Over the past few decades, the LGBTQ community in the US has made significant progress. One of the top YouTube beauty and cosmetics influencers in the US is James Charles. In 2015, Charles joined YouTube and made use of the dearth of male influencers in the beauty industry.

2. Jake Paul – Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Influencers Supercars

Jake Paul was unable to simply stand by as his brother Logan Paul amassed millions of dollars and increased his internet fan base. Additionally, he has taken part in a number of high-profile celebrity battles where he has earned millions. A custom Ferrari SF90 Stradale is among the supercars on which Jake has spent a large portion of his money. Jake has earned millions of dollars from high-profile celebrity battles in addition to his social media profits.

3. Alex Hirschi A.K.A Supercar Blondie – Mclaren 720s

Influencers Supercars

Australian youtuber Alex Hirschi is widely known for her online persona “Supercar Blondie.” Millions of people now watch Supercar Blondie every day on various social media sites.
Dubai, where there are numerous supercars on the road, is the home of the Supercar Blondie channel.

4. Mr. Beast – Lamborghini Huracan Spyder

Influencers Supercars

Jimmy Donaldson, often known as Mr Beast, started a YouTube channel in 2012. He had no idea that ten years later, he would have over 100 million subscribers. A.K.A. Jimmy Donaldson A Lamborghini Huracan Spyder is among Mr. Beast’s collection of flashiest vehicles. That’s exactly what happened, and if he keeps expanding at this rate, he might overtake Pewdiepie in terms of subscription count.

5. KSI – Lamborghini Aventador

Influencers Supercars

In 2008, KSI launched his first YouTube channel, which mostly featured footage of him engaging in well-known video games like FIFA and Call of Duty. KSI is one of the creators of the Sidemen YouTube channel and has since expanded his YouTube account. Over the years, he has owned a number of vehicles, such as a Porsche 718 Boxster, Rolls-Royce Wraith, and Lamborghini Aventador.

6. David Dobrik – Ferrari 458 Spider

Influencers Supercars

David Dobrik created a YouTube empire with outrageous antics and silly pranks. Dobrik reportedly made as much as $15 million a year, according to Forbes. Dobrik enjoys automobiles, although he usually donates the ones he purchases. He does reserve some for himself, and the Ferrari 458 Spider is one of our favourites.

7. Logan Paul – Polaris Slingshot

Influencers Supercars

Logan Paul is a good example of the effects social media can have on a person’s life. Paul’s Polaris Slatshot would be our first choice for a day of driving if we had to choose just one vehicle from his collection. The Polaris Slingshot from Paul’s collection would be the one we would choose to take for a day’s drive. Paul has amassed millions of dollars from his social media posts, memorabilia sales, and the memorable bout he had with Floyd Mayweather.

8. Paris Hilton – Lexus LFA

Influencers Supercars

Prior to the advent of the internet, Hilton dominated every entertainment news outlet and publication. Although the name “Paris Hilton” may not be familiar to today’s youth, in the late 1990s and early 2000s, she was the talk of the town. She has spent a lot of it on automobiles, and the amazing Lexus LFA is our favourite.

9. Manny Khoshbin – McLaren Speedtail

Influencers Supercars

Commercial real estate tycoon Manny Khoshbin enjoys showcasing some of the vehicles he has acquired over the years on his YouTube channel. His McLaren Speedtail, one of the fastest hybrids ever made, is one of our favourites. One of the most amazing auto collections in the world, Khoshbin’s collection includes numerous Bugattis and Paganis as well as other rare and valuable automobiles.

10. Andrew Tate – Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport

Influencers Supercars

Former professional fighter Andrew Tate utilised his status as a Big Brother cast member to attract fans on social media, to whom he then sells life counselling courses. Tate has amassed a large wealth, some of which he spent purchasing a Bugatti. The amazing Chiron Pur Sport by Andrew Tates Bugatti is a scarce and pricey treasure.

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