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Khaby Lame Car Collection | Car Collection Of TikTok Star Khaby Lame

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Khaby Lame car collection has insane Audi RS-5, Jeep Compass, Mercedes AMG G-63, and BMW X5, etc.

Who is Khaby Lame ?

Khabane “Khaby” Lame is a Senegalese-born TikToker based in Italy. He became known for his short comedy skits where he sarcastically points out people who complicate simple tasks for no reason at all. As of July 2021, Lame is the second most-followed TikTok account. 

Khaby Lame Net Worth

This popular TickTok star has gain very much popularity in a year of span. However, he is no more a common TickTok star. Thus, Khaby Lame’s net worth has also sky-rocketed. It’s estimated that the 21-year-old is worth between $1-$2 million (£722,165-£1,444,390).

Khaby Lame Voice

Khaby Lame Car CollectionPrice (USD)
Jeep Compass$30,000
Audi RS5$75,000
BMW X5$59,400
Mercedes AMG G-63$156,000

1. Jeep Compass

The car rolls out from his car fleet is Jeep Compass, although he used this car very often on the streets of his hometown. In the above picture you can see khaby is just hanging around the street. However Jeep Compass has one of the prettier Jeep designs.This SUV is actually capable of handling some off-roading obstacles. Despite its Jeep DNA, the Compass doesn’t provide the satisfaction of many other compact crossovers. Jeep compass car has approximate price tag of $30,000.

2. Audi RS-5

Khaby also has whooping Audi RS-5 in his garage. He use this car in his many Ticktoke videos and this is something almost Ticktoker does but he never show off his car and other Ticktoker do. Audi RS has Exhilarating straight-line acceleration, comfortable ride despite its hi-po designation, richly appointed and roomy interior. The RS5 coupe is quick and comfortable, but its raciest rivals have a more visceral driving experience. With a 444-hp twin-turbo V-6 and an aggressive appearance, the 2022 Audi RS5 coupe provides max performance and this car has a price tag of $75,000.

3. BMW X5

German BMW X5 is also the part of his garage. This is the most used car in his ticktok videos and probably he keeps on using. The BMW X5 still provides an excellent blend of luxury, practicality, and driving satisfaction. This car also has Wide range of available engines, high-quality cabin materials, intuitive infotainment interface. Cost of this BMW X5 is about $59,400.

4. Mercedes AMG G-63

Khaby, crossed the boundaries of fame and achieved milestone in such young age and his hardwork and talent reaches at the peak with all this money he is able to afford the crazy Mercedes AMG G-63 and probably the most expensive car in his car collection. The Mercedes AMG has typical lovable boxy styling, physics-defying acceleration, impressive off-road abilities. If feeling like a celebrity on your daily commute is important to you, the G63 comes with that feature as standard. This most expensive car in his car collection has a price of $156,000.


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