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Lamborghini Huracan Used By Italian Police To Transports Two Kidneys

Lamborghini gave a Huracan to the Italian State Police in May 2014, then gave them another one three years later. Recently, this second car successfully completed a crucial task by delivering two kidneys to patients in hospitals from a great distance away. (getzonedup.com) The local government posted pictures of the police and medical teams making the most of the supercar’s limited cargo space on its official social media channels.

The naturally aspirated V10 engine made its first stop after travelling approximately 168 kilometres (104 miles) from Padua in northern Italy to deliver one of the kidneys to a hospital in Modena. The Huracan carried on to Rome, where another recipient of a kidney transplant was awaiting them. Consequently, it travelled 401 more kilometres.

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The following pictures demonstrate how a cool box with two kidneys can fit in a trunk as small as the Huracan’s, which has a volume of just 3.5 cubic feet or 100 litres. It’s encouraging to see that the mid-engined vehicle is being utilised properly, as Lamborghini intended when it donated the vehicle a few years ago.

In addition to the roof lights and standard police car livery, the vehicle has an onboard defibrillator and recording equipment with a video camera to record what the officers are doing.

Source: Polizia di Stato / Facebook


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