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Lamborghini Revs Hard, Police Respond With Siren ! 🚨

India’s highways, supercars, and cops aren’t always a good mix. In India, the number of people purchasing sports cars and supercars has surged over the past year. Lamborghinis, for example, are now more common on Indian roadways than they were a decade ago. We’ve seen countless videos of supercar owners being ticketed by authorities for loud exhaust and speeding. They were even detained on suspicion of tax evasion. Many situations have occurred in which supercars have been involved in tragic accidents. Here’s a video of a Lamborghini owner revving his engine aggressively. On camera, cops respond to a Lamborghini’s loud exhaust.

Spotter India has posted the video to his YouTube account. The Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder is shown in this video. The Huracan Performante Spyder’s driver starts the car and cranks it aggressively in this video. The Huracan’s performance exhaust was loud, and people who were staring at it seemed to like it. Supercar spotters in the area, including the vlogger who submitted this video, can be seen filming and photographing the vehicle.

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The driver became enthralled and revved the engine again, but this time a Maruti Ertiga belonging to the Karnataka police arrived on the scene. It crept closer to Lamborghini. The cops replied by blaring the siren as soon as the motorist revved the car again. When the driver saw a police car approaching, he pulled the vehicle ahead gently to avoid the cops. The cops appeared to be trying to caution the driver not to rev the car in the area because it would cause a disruption to others.

Inside the city, the YouTuber can be seen following the Huracan. In the city, the driver was driving erratically. On congested routes, he can be seen overtaking buses and other automobiles. The sound of the exhaust was extremely loud, alerting many onlookers that a fast car was approaching. The Huracan Performante Spyder is a supercar designed for track use. It comes with a foldable cloth top that takes only 17 seconds to fold.

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