Saturday, March 2, 2024

Lotus Type 132 Crossover Teaser Videos Show Off Drive Unit And Wheels

We will finally see the Lotus crossover in full later this year.

Lotus has released two new teaser films for the Type 132 crossover. One emphasises the electric driving unit, while the other focuses on the wheels.

The image titled Heart (above) depicts a girl runner about to race from the starting line. The various components of the electric drive unit are then put together. Although the image is hazy, it looks to include the transmission and inverter. The Type 132 logo finally appears on the screen.

The title of the video above is “Power” (above). This one features a male runner and depicts the Type 132’s wheels in motion. The parts look to be made of a combination of aluminium and carbon fibre.

Lotus announced last year that the Type 132 would make its debut in 2022. For months, the business has teased it with brief movies like this, which provide little peeks of the vehicle’s design.

According to Lotus, the crossover can hit 60 miles per hour (96 kilometres per hour) in less than three seconds. The EV’s batteries have capacities ranging from 92 to 120 kilowatt hours. It includes an 800-volt charging mechanism, and recharging from empty to 80 percent is said to take 20 minutes.

According to earlier teasers, the Type 132 would include active aerodynamics for several panels as well as a Lidar system for road detecting capabilities. When not in use, the infotainment screen appears to contact the dashboard and then move into place when the vehicle starts, according to a brief video.

Lotus also intends to release a four-door coupe in 2023, as well as a larger electric crossover in 2024. As part of the brand’s EV revolution, a new sports vehicle is expected to join the lineup in 2026. The performance model’s teasers reveal a design comparable to the legendary Esprit.


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