Malayalam Actress Cars: Lena, Prayaga Martin, Naila Usha, Asha Sarath & Manju Warrier

It is surprising that the cars of movie stars who live a lavish lifestyle do not reach the car porch when new expensive cars are released. We usually read about actors who have a car vibe. Whether it’s Hollywood, Bollywood, or our own Mollywood. Simultaneously, the number of heroines with vehicular vibes is growing in the new era. In Bollywood, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone own luxury cars.

I haven’t heard much about actresses who love cars in Malayalam, but many people want to drive alone. SUVs are popular among them. Let us learn about the vehicles purchased by Malayalam film heroines in recent years.

Malayalam Actress CarsCar Name
Rachana NarayanankuttyMG Hector
Shamna QasimAudi Q5
Ramya NambeesanMini Countryman
LenaMG Hector
Mamta MohandasAudi A6
Prayaga MartinJeep Compass
Asha SarathMercedes Benz GLS
Namitha PramodAudi Q3
Naila UshaAudi A7 Sportback
Manju WarrierRange Rover Velar

1. Rachana Narayanankutty – MG Hector

Rachana Narayanankutty - MG Hector
Rachana Narayanankutty – MG Hector

Rachana Narayanankutty is Thrissur’s own star, having debuted on the small screen in the telefilm Marimayam before moving on to the big screen. Rachna, who is no longer active in Malayalam film as an actress, dancer, or presenter, purchased a Hector SUV from MG Motor’s Thrissur dealership in December of last year. Rachana Narayanankutty announced on Facebook that he had received the burgundy red MG Hector after a five-month wait. Rachana Narayanankutty previously owned one of Honda’s best-selling scooters, the Dio, in addition to the MG Hector.

2. Shamna Qasim – Audi Q5

Shamna Qasim - Audi Q5
Shamna Qasim – Audi Q5

Shamna Kasim, a dancer and actress, owned an Audi Q5 SUV in 2016. Shamna Kasim, also known as Poorna in the Tamil film industry, purchased a black Audi Q5 from an Audi dealership in Kochi. The Audi Q5 is powered by a 1968cc diesel engine that generates 174 bhp and 380 Nm of torque. The Q5 is priced ex-showroom at Rs 56 lakh. Shamna, a Kannur native, purchased the previous generation model of the model now sold by Audi in India.

3. Ramya Nambeesan – Mini Countryman

Ramya Nambeesan - Mini Countryman
Ramya Nambeesan – Mini Countryman

Ramya Nambeesan purchased the Mini Countryman Black Edition in October of last year. MINI India has only released the 24 Countryman Black Edition. The price of one is Rs 42.40 lakhs. The main draw of the Black Edition, as the name suggests, is the black highlights on the exterior and interior. The Black Edition is powered by the same 2.0-litre 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine found in the Cooper S and Cooper S JCW inspired models, which produces 189bhp and 280Nm of torque.

4. Lena – MG Hector

Lena - MG Hector
Lena – MG Hector

Lena is a Kochi native who has appeared in films such as Traffic, Snehaveedu, Spirit, Left Right Left, and Ninte Moideen Moideen. Lena, who has appeared in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi films, purchased a Candy White pearl white Hector from MG Motor in September of last year. Lena also owns the 250th MG hectare in Kerala. The appeal of MG, the British auto brand under Chinese automaker Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAICfirst )’s model in India, is its size, looks, features, and advanced technologies.

5. Mamta Mohandas – Audi A6

Mamta Mohandas - Audi A6
Mamta Mohandas – Audi A6

Mamta Mohandas, known for her roles as an actress and playback singer in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada films, owns an Audi A6 sedan. Mamta Mohandas owns the white A6 model and has recently appeared in the films Forensic, Kart Samaksham Balan Vakil, Nayan, and Karbon. Apart from the Audi A6, Mamta Mohandas also owns a white Toyota Fortuner.

6. Prayaga Martin – Jeep Compass

Prayaga Martin – Jeep Compass

Prayaga Martin, who rose to prominence in Malayalis with the film ‘Oru Murai Vanth Parthaaya,’ is a fan of Masilan SUVs. Prayaga, who appeared in the films Brothers Day and Ulta Enne last year, added a red Jeep Compass SUV to her car collection in 2018. When the Prayaga Compass was purchased, the ex-showroom price of the compact SUV in Kochi ranged from Rs 15.42 lakh to Rs 22.01 lakh. In addition to the Compass, Prayaga’s SUV lineup includes the Renault Duster and the Ford Endeavor.

7. Asha Sarath – Mercedes Benz GLS

Asha Sarath - Mercedes Benz GLS
Asha Sarath – Mercedes Benz GLS

Asha Sarath is a well-known Malayalee actress. Asha Sarath’s vehicles are all in Dubai, where she works as an actress, dancer, and dance teacher. Asha Sarath and her husband Sarath live there. Asha Sarath’s Mercedes GL 500 is a massive SUV. There is also a Maserati Quattroporte sports sedan. Sarath’s favourite car is a BMW 7 series.

8. Namitha Pramod – Audi Q3

Namitha Pramod – Audi Q3

Namitha Pramod is a childlike heroine in Malayalam. This young actor, who is now 23 years old, has already completed nine years in Malayalam cinema. Namita Pramod’s dream was to buy a car with four rings (Audi’s logo) when she was young. At the age of 18, Namitha realized her dream and drove a white Audi Q3 SUV in her backyard. The first plan was to buy an Audi sedan. Later, when we realized that the SUV was more suitable for our road conditions, the lot fell to the Audi Q3.

9. Naila Usha – Audi A7 Sportback

Naila Usha – Audi A7 Sportback

Naila Usha is an actress who excelled in the role of Mariam in the film ‘Porinju Mariam Jose.’ Not to mention Mariam’s driving abilities, which she uses to challenge the flower boys who drove behind her in the middle of the night with Jacky Lever. In real life, however, Naila Usha knows how to drive an automatic car. It is also a Dubai licence. My personal vehicle is a pearl white Audi A7 Sportback. This is also true in Dubai. Although Naila’s Audi A7 Sportback is white, her favourite colour is black.

10. Manju Warrier – Range Rover Velar

Manju Warrier - Range Rover Velar
Manju Warrier – Range Rover Velar

On her birthday last year, Malayalam’s lady superstar Manju Warrier received a Range Rover Velor SUV from British automaker Land Rover, which is owned by Tata Motors. Manju purchased the black Veyler from Muthoot Motors in Kochi, a Land Rover dealership. Manju owns the Veyler R-Dynamic SS diesel variant, which costs Rs 72.47 lakh ex-showroom. Manju had also purchased a new vehicle in May of last year. Manju purchased an updated model of Maruti Suzuki’s premium hatchback model Baleno.