Mazda’s New Pair Of Sneakers Is The Kodo Of Driving Shoes


Mazda has released a new pair of driving shoes in collaboration with Japanese sportswear company Mizuno that best represent the brand’s design philosophy. Working closely with Mizuno, the sneakers feature Mazda’s Kodo Soul of Motion design, as seen with the minimal lines and straightforward approach to styling – just like Mazda vehicles.

However, the Mazda x Mizuno driving shoes aren’t just for show. It’s designed to provide “a light, stable, yet comfortable pedal operation,” according to the press release.

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The Mazda/Mizuno driving shoes include functional features such as Mizuno’s dorsiflexion support, which improves pedal controllability and precision.

Aside from that, the pair has a rounded sole that improves floor contact while also allowing for easier foot rotation while driving. The structured mesh around the Achilles tendon absorbs deformation and keeps the fit in place.

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While most driving shoes have hard and thin soles that make them uncomfortable to wear outside of the car, Mizuno uses “pod clusters” of Cob technology for cushioning. This technology allows for direct feel and feedback from the pedals while remaining comfortable for daily use.


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