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Most Expensive Car Number Plates in India

Car registration plates are more important than we might think. Even though we live in a country where owning a car is considered a major accomplishment, there are a select few in the country who can receive the number plates of their choice. Of course, the RTO is the one who benefits from this access, which is restricted to a small number of people.

RTOs sell registration plates with single and double-digit numbers since registration plates in India cannot be totally personalised. Because India has a large population of superstitious individuals, it’s easier for RTOs to make sales that are beyond fair value and make a lot of money. Here are a few examples of registration plates that cost as much as a new automobile.

Expensive Car Number PlatesPrice (INR)
Ashik Patel – Toyota FortunerRs. 34 Lakh
K.S. Balagopal – Porsche 718 BoxsterRs. 31 Lakh
Mr Balagopal – Toyota Land Cruiser LC200Rs. 18 Lakh
Mr Jagjit Singh – Toyota Land Cruiser LC200Rs. 17 Lakh
Rrahul Taneja – Jaguar XJ LRs. 16 Lakh
Rrahul Taneja – BMW 5-SeriesRs. 10.3 Lakh

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1. Toyota Fortuner – Registration Number Plate Price: 34 Lakh

Most Expensive Car Number Plates in India

Ashik Patel, a James Bond aficionado, recently bid for the “007” registration number. He paid almost Rs 34 lakh for the licence plate for his new Toyota Fortuner. The Fortuner is priced at around Rs 30 lakh, and this registration number is considerably more expensive.

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2. Porsche 718 Boxster – Registration Number Plate Price: 31 Lakh

Most Expensive Car Number Plates in India

On his Porsche 718 Boxster, Kerela’s K.S. Balagopal has one of the most expensive registration plates. He spent Rs. 31 lakhs on the registration plate, which reads KL 01 CK 0001. Mr Balagopal’s Porsche 718 Boxster cost him Rs. 90 lakhs ex-showroom. He must truly desire the number plate because he spent more than a third of the price of his car for it.

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3. Toyota Land Cruiser LC200 – Registration Number Plate Price: 18 Lakh

Most Expensive Car Number Plates in India

Another valued possession in Mr Balagopal’s garage is his LC200 Land Cruiser. He gave his Land Cruiser the same 001 registration number as his car. Mr Balagopal won the auction for this number plate a long time ago, and the deal was valued at Rs. 18 lakhs at the time. Mr Balagopal paid around Rs. 1 crore for the Toyota Land Cruiser, which has the registration number ‘KL 01 CB 0001’. Mr Balagopal now owns two of India’s most valuable registration plates as a result of this.

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4. Toyota Land Cruiser LC200 – Registration Number Plate Price: 17 Lakh

Most Expensive Car Number Plates in India

Mr Jagjit Singh of Chandigarh is in third position for possessing one of India’s most costly number plates. He obtained the number plate “CH 01 AN 0001” for his Toyota Land Cruiser at auction. The black Land Cruiser is one of the most costly automobiles in his garage, and he also owns several more high-end cars with the registration number ‘0001’, although we don’t know how much those number plates cost.

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5. Jaguar XJ L – Registration Number Plate Price: 16 Lakhs

Most Expensive Car Number Plates in India

Rrahul Taneja is a classic rags to riches narrative in India. He began as an auto-rickshaw driver, but with hard work and dedication, he has become a very successful businessman. Rrahul is reputed to spend more than Rs 40 lakhs on registration plates of his choice, with the most expensive plate being Rs 16 lakhs. This is the most costly registration plate in Jaipur, according to the RTO.

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6. BMW 5-Series – Registration Number Plate Price: 10.3 Lakhs

Most Expensive Car Number Plates in India

The next most expensive number plate is owned by Rrahul Taneja, who paid Rs. 10.31 lakhs for the registration of his BMW 5-Series. Even this registration has a “1” at the end. Rrahul is known for her strong belief in numerology and hence considers the number 1 to be good for her. He sold his 5-Series but kept the licence plate, which he now uses on his 7-Series.

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