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Mr. Bean’s Car Collection | Car Collection of Rowan Atkinson | Richest Comedian In The World

Rowan Atkinson aka Mr. Bean has cars like the McLaren F1, SLS AMG, The Vantage, and 1964 Ford Falcon

Rowan Atkinson popularly knows as Mr. Bean. Born on the 9th of January 1955 in England. An English actor, writer, and comedian who did his Ph.D. at Oxford University while his journey of acting began. He’s now a world-famous Comedian with his popular show Mr. Bean which is still the best comedy show ever. A man that never needs an introduction, a man whose non-lyrical acting made the people laugh to the moon, and forgetting personality. He’s now the richest comedian in the world with a net. worth of $150 million USD.

Other than the comedy Atkinson’s also had the craving for rare cars as his car collection depicts it. His car collection includes the world’s most famous and record-breaker car, McLaren F1.

Rowan Atkinson Car CollectionPrice (INR)
McLaren F1$20 million
Jaguar MK7$40,000
Land Rover defender 90 Heritage$80,000- $120,000
Aston Martin Vantage (90s)$150,000
Mercedes SLS AMG$183,000
1964 Ford Falcon$30,000
Audi A8$120,000

1. McLaren F1

As said, Rowan Atkinson’s car collection has unique and most amazing cars in the world. He owned a McLaren F1 who broke several records at that time. It’s a stunning car that is also difficult to maintain and is a collector car. In today’s date the price of the car about $20 million USD, it was the most expensive McLaren model ever produced. He bought his McLaren in 1997 and would hold on to it for 18 years before putting it up for auction.

2. Jaguar MK7

The next car in his collection is a vintage which is also a rare piece of art. Among the British actors, he has the greatest vintage cars, and the collection is the rarest. It’s a quite luxurious car and every car collector would like to have their hands on it. It’s not only has a rich history but an eye-catching style. The car is

3. Land Rover Defender 90 Heritage

This is a limited edition car made by land rover. It seems that he ended up selling it after few years. There are only 400 units produced in the world which makes it rare in today’s date. Atkinson was one of the lucky people who could get hands-on it before it was too late. The price of the Heritage is between $80,000 and $120,000.

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4. Aston Martin Vantage

The Aston Martin Vantage is also a part of Rowan Atkinson’s car collection for a long time. According to shear comfort, he got the Aston Martin in 1984. The car cost about $150,000 in the 90s which is fitted with a 5.3L engine that produced 350 horsepowers.

5. Mercedes SLS AMG

It’s quite an amazing car which a gull-wing door and a masterpiece made by Mercedes. He’s been seen cruising in his SLS looking like the king of the world. The car cost about $183,000 back in the days, but the car cost might be boosted after Atkinson’s ownership.

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6. 1964 Ford Falcon

Along with the German and English Vintage cars he also had an American Car. The 1964 Ford Falcon was a part of the collection, it’s a rare unit and there were only 300,000 before discontinuing the production. These cars came before the Mustage rolls over the American roads and have a crucial place in history.

7. Audi A8

Being a celebrity it’s a must to own a luxury car for going on trips with his family. It’s a daily driver vehicle and gives a comfortable driving experience. Being a sedan it gives more than expected from an average sedan.

Rumors’ say that he owns a Rolls Royce, but the fact is that the car was been added to his car collection just as a part of Johnny English film. He had borrowed it for some period of time but didn’t own one.

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