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Mukesh Ambani Car Driver Salary : Uff !! 😳😳

Mukesh Ambani is one of the richest people not only in India but in the world. Billionaire Mukesh Ambani is in the news for his lifestyle as well as his business. Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia lives in this expensive house. About 600 servants work in the 28 storey house.

  • The driver of Mukesh Ambani’s car is paid Rs 2 lakh a month.
  • Mukesh Ambani owns more than 500 vehicles.

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According to a report, the salary of those working in Mukesh Ambani’s house is between Rs 10,000 and Rs 2 lakh per month.In addition to the salary, Ambani family employees are also given insurance and education allowance.

You may be surprised to hear that the children of some of the servants working in Mukesh Ambani’s house are pursuing higher education in the United States. The driver of Mukesh Ambani’s car is paid Rs 2 lakh a month.

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But becoming a driver in Mukesh Ambani’s car is not so easy, for that the driver has to go through many difficult tests. Various companies are given contracts to become Ambani’s driver. Tenders are also issued for the same.

Mukesh Ambani owns more than 500 vehicles. Many drivers are hired to drive these vehicles. Selected companies fill vacancies for driver positions.

After this a test is conducted, from which certain candidates are selected, after which the final test of these candidates takes place, the candidates who are eligible are given training by the company.

After the training, the salary of the candidates is decided according to their qualifications. A driver is usually paid Rs 2 lakh or more. But before hiring Ambani as a driver, one thing is given special attention.

The driver should be able to drive in all ways, they should have many years of experience. At the same time, the driver’s temperament and communication with others should be good. Because the driver is under pressure from the media and other big people.

Their endurance is tested before becoming a car driver. Mukesh Ambani has several helicopters along with his luxury cars. In addition to the salary, the driver is also provided with accommodation and food.

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Not only that, Mukesh Ambani’s house cook has a salary of lakhs, Mukesh Ambani’s family is fond of food, so the chef has to make a variety of food for them.



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