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Old Ford Endeavour Modified To Look New Generation Model

The Ford Endeavour’s front end on this video will essentially leave you speechless. The idea of well-known foreign models entering our market via CBU has captivated fans ever since Ford announced its withdrawal from the Indian market in September 2021. Keep in mind that Ford operated the Mustang in India in a specific market. It appears, however, that bringing the international model of the SUV here is not feasible, in contrast to what many had hoped. However, this hasn’t stopped enthusiasts from coming up with a solution.

The video has been posted to the YouTube channel for TURBO XTREME GARAGE. Using parts from the Ford parts bin and a wide-body kit, they were able to transform an ordinary Endy into the most recent model. It is not immediately obvious upon first glance that this vehicle is not stock. It isn’t the 2023 Ford Endeavour until you move to the side that you realise this. The body has been significantly beefed up overall, but the changes at the front are exquisite.

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To do this, a massively muscular and tall bonnet with a hood scoop, contemporary LED DLRs with LED dual-projector headlamps found on the most recent Everest (also known as Endeavour) model sold abroad, a massive Ford lettering engraved on the front grille finished in gloss black material, a rugged bumper and red skid plate with matrix LED DRLs, and the entire fender area come well out of the standard are all replacements for the front fascia.

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And then there are the enormous custom alloy wheels with Fuel rims that have been mounted on a vehicle for the first time in India. This SUV’s rear end features a gloss black stripe that spans the two taillamps. The modification house’s overall colour scheme is a vivid red, and the black elements on the exterior work beautifully to complement it. Please let us know what you think of this insanely modified Endeavour sporting the look of the newest model. (thegamedial.com)

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