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President’s Moving Bunker |Secrets of Presidential Motorcade

Today a Presidential motorcade is meant to have the highest security in the world while traveling, where the car is more like a moving bunker for the President only.

The president of the United States is one of the most high-profile person on the Earth. There have been cases where they have threatened, attacked, and also assassinated sometimes. Things have changed a lot for a motorcade and are getting more advanced in security. Today when a president travel’s by car, they travel with a highly- impenetrable security

History of Presidential Motorcade

In 1899, William McKinley was the first president to ever ride in a car called Stanley Steamer. Which was a steam-powered automobile which was a popular ride in the 1900s. But as there was no security drive and the steamer was also not owned by the government it was not considered as the 1st motorcade. Whereas Teddy Roosevelt was the first president in 1902 when he was ordered to clear the streets before the motorcade.

He traveled in an electric vehicle that was powered by two 400volt batteries and a top speed of 12mph. And his security agents moved along with him on a bicycle on the four sides. So, this was also not called a motorcade too.

Presidential Motorcade

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First Motorcade

The next motorcade occurred in 1930 where it was meant for publicity and wave at people on the streets from a luxurious ride. But after the US became involved in World War II motorcade changed and the security ramped up. During FDR’s Presidency, there were several cars added to the White House garage. The motorcade consisted of two seven-seater Packard limos and two 800 pound V16 Cadillacs.

Presidential Motorcade

The Assasination

It is very sad to see that how tragic a droptop ride could be, for a beloved president. This incident occurred when Kennedy was the president, a handsome man with a brilliant mind and superpopular. But its popularity had a disadvantage too as it lead to a loophole in the security of the motorcade.

As the president ride through the streets, it was easy for everyone to notice him as getting direct contact with the eyes. And the next was history. Since then the presidential motorcade became like a traveling bunker than a greeting ceremony.

Presidential Motorcade

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Bunker On Wheels

Today the ride of a President has a fixed shape and design. It’s called the “Beast” which is meant to be the world’s safest car, it is basically a Cadillac limo over a Kodiak chassis. It runs on diesel which is a low volatility fuel.

Presidential Motorcade

Calling the car armored is not enough, because the car is completed sealed off and the bulletproof glass is meant to be 5 inches. thick where the doors are 8 inches. thick. The fuel tank in the back is also sealed in an armored material, with Kevlar tires. The car is stacked with all the weaponry and medical equipment as well as the reserve of the president’s blood type.



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