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Indian Vlogger Shows Biggest Problem with Owning a Car in Canada

An Indian girl highlights the most difficult part of owning a car in Canada. In Canada, there are thousands of Indians. One of the most sought-after places for Indians to migrate is there. As a result, there are many well-known YouTubers there who target Indian audiences. They produce content about the common issues faced by Canadians and provide solutions so that newcomers won’t have to endure these difficulties. This situation is one of those.

  • Canada is home to a lot of Indians and famously gets a lot of snow.
  • In this video clip, an Indian girl living in Canada shares her experience with the snow.
  • Driving rules are very clear about the aspects of maintaining cars during winter.

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IndianBloggerinCanada has posted the video clip to YouTube. It features the YouTuber who describes the biggest problem with car ownership in Canada. In Canada, it frequently snows a lot during the winter months. The low point of the temperature range is -30 degrees. Because of the heavy snowfall, the roads may become blocked and the flow of traffic may halt. As a result, before driving during the snowy season, one must remove all of the snow from the car.

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In this brief video clip, the YouTuber also demonstrates exactly that. Snow is prohibited from being on a car’s roof or bonnet by law. Police will issue severe fines in the form of challans for violating this rule. The explanation is fairly simple. After reaching a certain speed, snow on the roof of your car would start to fly around due to strong winds if you were driving with snow on it. The driver following the car could suffer from temporary blindness as a result of this. Therefore, there is a significant increase in the likelihood of an accident.

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Because of this, you should always keep the necessary tools in your car, especially during the winter. Regardless of where you are, those will allow you to quickly remove the snow from the car’s body and roof. These laws guarantee road safety, which is fantastic.¬†¬†


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