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Rolls Royce EV: Launch Tomorrow, Could be Called ‘Silent Shadow’

Electric vehicles are currently in trend. Many brands have started making EVs and have stopped using IC engines. In the recent annual meeting of BMW, CEO Oliver Zipse said that the company will offer an EV in 90 percent of its segments; including the Ultra-Luxury Segment. Rolls-Royce falls under BMW’s Ultra-Luxury Category. It was certain that we would see a Rolls Royce EV in the coming days.

But finally, the wait is over. Rolls Royce is going to Unveil its first electric vehicle tomorrow. Being a completely new model, it will not replace any existing model as the rumors say. Its name pays homage to the ‘Silver Shadow’, the Rolls Royce model sold from 1965 to 1980. Let’s dive deep into what’s known about the EV:-


Rolls Royce EV: Launch Tomorrow, Could be Called 'Silent Shadow'

Rolls Royce has been experimenting with the EV trend. Nearly a decade ago, they showcased a fully electric seventh-generation Phantom i.e. 102EX Concept. It was fully legal to drive on the roads. The 102EX had two electric motors to power the car and they together generated 389 HP and 800 Nm of torque. It offered 125 miles of range. The point to note here is that Rolls-Royce did this before the Tesla Model S came into existence.

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Rolls Royce EV: Launch Tomorrow, Could be Called 'Silent Shadow'

Over the course of time, people have started realizing the impact emissions are causing on the environment. That’s why many industries are switching to sustainable forms of energy. Governments are also regulating the use of non-renewable energy sources. Many laws are being implemented on the factor. The Automobile sector is also no exception. Thus, many companies are moving to Electric as a source of propelling vehicles. Rolls Royce’s home market, United Kingdom is set to ban the sale of IC-engine-powered vehicles from 2030. That’s why it has become mandatory for Rolls-Royce to switch to the electric powertrain.

Platform and Drivetrain

Rolls Royce EV: Launch Tomorrow, Could be Called 'Silent Shadow'

The Upcoming Rolls-Royce is bypassing the plug-in hybrid tech. Rolls-Royce will build it on its exclusive aluminum “Architecture of Luxury”. It is believed that it will share the technology with the electric variant of the BMW 7 Series. The reports indicate a battery capacity of more than 100 kWh and a range of more than 300 miles.

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The 103EX Vision Next 100 Concept

Rolls Royce Unveiled an electric coupe concept car in 2016, called the ‘103EX Vision Next 100 Concept‘. It gets signature features like a long hood, vertical grille, suicide doors, and of course, the Spirit of Ecstasy. It extensively uses carbon fiber in its construction. The 103EX is an autonomous vehicle concept that doesn’t require a steering wheel, pedals, or other linkages. The interior has one signature addition though, that is the analog clock.


While the official specifications are under the wraps, the car is sure to get the Rolls-Royce signature elements. Whether the company takes the components from parent company BMW or goes all-luxury on that one too. It is sure to beat Bentley in the Electric Ultra Luxurious vehicle race. And This has made the whole automotive world get excited.

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