Sunday, April 14, 2024

See Ford Bronco Badlands Jump 43 Feet Without Breaking A Sweat

Having a famous freestyle motocross star setting everything up certainly helps.

Before we go any further, know that we strongly advise people not to jump their Ford Bronco or anything else that isn’t built to leave the ground. That’s where the grey area sits, because we’ve seen off-road vehicles take to the air on several occasions. Ford even posted a photo of its new Bronco Raptor with all four wheels off the ground. However, this video does not contain a Raptor and is unofficial.

The film, which depicts a 2021 Ford Bronco Badlands, comes from the YouTube channel The Story Till Now. It’s a tough off-roader, but it lacks the enhancements found on the Bronco Raptor. It does, however, contain something that lifts this leap attempt above ordinary YouTube nonsense. We’re not just talking about proper dirt ramps here.

Bruce Cook, a freestyle motocross legend, is in charge of the jump. If that name sounds familiar, you might remember him crashing badly while attempting a double front flip on a dirt bike at a Nitro Circus event a few years back. He was paralysed from the waist down after the crash, but he literally got back up and went on to become the first paraplegic to land a motorcycle backflip. So Cook knows his way around a jump — and how to survive one.

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As such, the 12-minute video offers plenty of lead-up to the big event. The ramps are scrutinized. The weather is evaluated. Cook does a handbrake turn in a dead Volkswagen Golf because that’s what you do in a Golf. Eventually, the conditions are good for a jump but Cook isn’t just supervising the action. Using a specially designed universal hand control for the gas and brake pedals, he drives the Bronco himself.

And, to be honest, he makes it appear ridiculously simple. On the way up, there’s no drama, and the pace is excellent. The SUV travels just over 43 feet in the air from start to finish, landing gently on the front wheels first, followed by the back wheels. It’s significantly more remarkable than it appears, considering the ramps are over 10 feet in the air. This one is a keeper in a world of ill-conceived vehicle stunts performed irresponsibly for YouTube clicks.

Even still, we strongly encourage you not to try this at home. That is, unless you’re a professional who has experienced the consequences of a bad leap firsthand.

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