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Tesla Giga Berlin Production Increased To 2,000 Cars Per Week

Tesla Giga Berlin produces Model Y electric cars for the European market.

Tesla Giga Berlin has now passed another milestone by producing 1,000 Model Y units per week. The Giga Berlin plant claims to have increased vehicle production to 2,000 units per week. On October 2nd, Tesla posted a tweet with an image claiming that it had begun production of 2,000 Model Y electric cars at the Gigs Berlin factory. With this, the US electric car manufacturer’s European plant is already producing cars at a rate of 100,000 units per year.

Given the challenging situation in the European market, particularly supply chain disruptions, this is a significant achievement for the electric car brand. This suggests that Tesla will be able to contribute at least 25,000 Model Y vehicles or more in the fourth quarter. Interestingly, Tesla Giga Berlin is expected to produce over 250,000 Model Y electric vehicles per year.

The move was made as part of Tesla’s recent production ramp-up process. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, previously stated that the OEM would prioritize vehicle production in order to significantly reduce the waiting period for customers who have reserved Tesla vehicles. The move is also part of Tesla’s attempt to gain a larger market share in the burgeoning electric car market.

Not only Giga Berlin, but also the automaker’s other plants, including Giga Texas and Giga Shanghai, are significantly increasing production numbers.

Currently, the Tesla Giga Berlin factory’s entire output is planned for the European market only. Cars manufactured in Germany are outfitted with 2170-type cylindrical battery cells and sold in Germany as well as several other European markets.


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