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Tesla Model 3 Rear-Ended At Highway Speed, TeslaCam Multi-Car Crash

Watch this minivan slam into the back of a stopped Model 3 at highway speed. Miraculously, everyone was okay.

Robbie Herrara, a Tesla Model 3 owner, was travelling on Highway 4 in Concord, California. The traffic in front of me was coming to a complete stop. It had all the makings of a disastrous pileup.

Thankfully, Robbie was able to safely stop his Model 3, even leaving some space between the Tesla and the leading vehicle. Unfortunately, the driver of a Dodge minivan did not appear to be paying attention and had no intention of stopping. Before rear-ending Robbie’s Model 3 at highway speed, the minivan driver swerved and locked up the brakes at the last moment.

As a result of the incident, the Model 3 spun out and collided with the Hyundai in front of it and the Prius to its left. Finally, the Tesla slammed into the highway barrier. Fortunately, everyone involved in the different crashes walked away unharmed, demonstrating the safety of today’s automobiles. Robbie’s Model 3 was, however, substantially damaged, and he had to be transported to the hospital to have some of his injuries examined.

Robbie was able to show the police the TeslaCam footage of the incident while waiting for an ambulance to come. His Tesla Model 3 is now a total loss, and he’s dealing with the insurance claim. (kaieteurnewsonline.com) Once all is sorted, Robbie says he hopes to replace his Model 3 with another Tesla. He’s opting for a new Tesla because he believes his Model 3 saved his life. Robbie is undoubtedly fortunate, given the state of the car as depicted in the video.

There are many more Teslcam stories in the video above, as is typically the case with Wham Baam Teslacam’s addicting video collections. In fact, the channel claims that the movie has 20 previously unseen Tesla clips. Scroll down and leave a comment after you’ve seen them.

Source: Wham Baam Teslacam (YouTube)


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