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Top 5 Car Commercials You Must See Right Now

Best Car Advertisement Campaigns Of All Time

The public’s attention is what a car manufacturer needs to keep in mind above all else when marketing a brand-new vehicle. The public will be left in the dark and the brand will hardly receive any attention if the advertisement beats around the bush. Here are a few of the most well-known car commercials from around the world.

1. BMW

Now, a lot of people enjoy BMW, and some are even fixated on the brand. BMW’s advertisement has a backstory. According to the tale, a BMW engineer explained to advertising mogul Robin Wright that while a glass of water would shake when placed on a typical 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, it would remain still when placed on a 2.0-liter BMW six-cylinder engine. People adore BMW, and it has a fantastic reputation among the general public. It’s also said that BMW has the best advertising.

2. Volkswagen

Volkswagen doesn’t even need an introduction. They are also said to have excellent advertising. When MK Polo, also referred to as 9N, was introduced in 2002, they firmly established their brand. Beginning in the early 2000s, Volkswagen entered the market. In their advertisement, they stated that while their cars are small, they are incredibly durable. Because of the inventiveness of their advertisement, viewers were immediately drawn in.

3. Audi

Since the middle of the 1990s, when Audi first gained notoriety, they have dominated the automobile industry. They have the best sedans, and lots of money was spent on them. Audi created a fantastic advertisement because they understood what their target audience wanted. Their audience was in awe as they displayed the features of their car. They produced some beautiful work.

4. Peugeot

It’s completely true what they say—you remember things you watch for a lot longer than things you read. People still recall this particular auto advertisement because it was so incredible. After seeing the commercial, it became clear that images are always more appealing than words. When the Saxo VTS and Peugeot 106 GTi commercials were released to the public in 1997, it is even claimed that it ignited a long-overdue craze and mayhem for hatchbacks. The car’s 120 horsepower, 1.6-liter engine and diminutive size made it even more amazing. The advertisement demonstrated how knowledgeable and proud the car was.

5. Citroen

Given that Citroen 2CV is allegedly the sister company of Peugeot, you can assume that they do excellent marketing as well. Given the strong competition in the small car market at the time, the 2CV, which was already over 30 years old, believed they would retire by the end of the year. Austin Metro, Ford Fiesta, and Renault 5 were among the available brands. They believed they had no chance, but after expertly promoting their brand-new car, the audience was transfixed. Because the viewers admired the car for its value, money, and even strong body, their retirement was long forgotten. Citroen 2CV maintained a solid position among its audience.


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