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Toyota Supra Mk4 What Makes It So Special

Top 7 Things You Forget About The Toyota Supra

Apart from being a complete show-stealer, the MK4 Toyota Supra boasts a slew of hidden skills and facts under its hood! Millions of automobile enthusiasts have fallen in love with this famous sports vehicle. After all, why not? One of the most sought-after JDM vintage collectibles is this lovely automobile. Here are a few things to know about the Toyota Supra MK4!

This Model Started As A Celica

Toyota Supra Mk4 What Makes It So Special

The Supra label was initially applied to the Celica as a powerful, longer-wheelbase, luxury inline six-cylinder model. It’s also worth noting that the first-generation Supra is just as well-known as the Celica Supra. The Supra variant was also expanded by around 5-inches greater than ordinary Celica cars.

Supra MKIV Is Practically Immortal

The 3.0-litre inline six-cylinder and 3.0-litre inline-six 320-bhp turbo engines are standard on this serious performer. Because of these features, the MKIV is one of the fastest cars in its class. This model’s 2JZ-GTE engines are known for their long life. The Supra MK4 is our favourite because of its well-trimmed vintage look and durable powertrain.

It Was The First Model To Get Navigation Computers

The second-generation Supra model included navigation systems for Toyota’s introduction of premium cars in the North American market. A navigation computer was a groundbreaking invention at the time, in 1981.

The Illegal Supra Variant

The fact that the 1994 Supra is an illegal variation will astound you. The automobile may have risen to fame as a result of its outstanding performance in films, but it never saw the light of day. The NHTSA outlawed the 1994 model due to reliability concerns.

Toyota Supra Comes with Inline-Six

Along with the Celica, the six-cylinder engine made its premiere. In 1986, the firm improved the motorcycles to 145 horsepower and 2.8 litres. The fourth-generation Supras were equipped with 220 horsepower 3.0-litre inline-six engines and optional 320 bhp turbo engines as demand for this beastly car grew.

Notable Features in Video Games & Films

One of the Supra’s accomplishments is its appearance with Paul Walker in F&F7. In addition, the model recently appeared in Fast & Furious 9. This stunning lady can also be seen in Sweet Sixteen, Need for Speed, Gran Turismo, Forza, Spy Game, and a slew of more movies and games!

It Has a Whopping Resale Value

Supra’s name alone is enough to guarantee a high resale value. The model is quite valuable. According to Motor1, the MKIV Supra sold for $176,000 at one auction. A fourth-gen factory-condition might bring double its face value, if not more!

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