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Two-Door Crown Victoria Render Is The Definition Of Muscle Car

The Ford Crown Victoria is a well-known car, thanks to its tried-and-true chassis and simple attractive looks. Naturally, such a common and well-loved car will receive a personal touch from its owner.

Unfortunately, because it was designed by Abimelec Arellano of Abimelec Design, this automobile is only available in the digital world. Because the modest body lines make any little changes stand out, Abimelec kept the majority of the body stock, including the fender flares. The most noticeable alteration is the elongation of the front doors and the relocation of the B-pillars, which gives the car a personal luxury appeal rather than a standard sedan.

For the model years 1979 to 1987, Ford offered the Crown Victoria in a coupe body style, but it was discontinued after that. The Mercury Marauder, which is based on the same Panther chassis as the Crown Victoria, was used to create a coupe concept vehicle in 2002. The idea was a two-door drop-top and included a supercharged 4.6-liter V8 under the hood.

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The body is left as a hardtop in Abimelec’s rendering, while the powerplant is replaced with a Coyote V8, which should produce 460 horsepower in stock condition. HRE wheels, Toyo R888 tyres, and a hood-mounted Shelby GT500 heat extractor are among the other upgrades. A lovely shade of Ford Performance Blue has been applied to the car.

Abimelec earlier designed a fascinating depiction of a Crown Victoria Cobra R performance sedan — an intriguing suggestion that the Blue Oval, alas, never built.

He obviously has a thing for the Crown Vic, and we can see why. The Crown Victoria was virtually a current four-door muscle car, as it was one of the last rear-wheel-drive, body-on-frame automobiles. When you combine a strong V8 engine with a history of police employment, you’ve created a car that, despite its common appearance, has a certain allure.

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