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Upcoming Tata And Mahindra Electric Cars In India | Upcoming Electric Cars

Electric cars are still not that famous in India compared to global auto markets like China, UK, US, and others. But now, as petrol and diesel prices are touching new heights in India the only fair option remains is EVs. Every automaker is exploring new opportunities in the sector and working on new projects. Major automakers in India like Tata and Mahindra have already started working towards EVs.

Recently Tata Motors Chairperson clarifies that the company will bring 10 new EV models till 2025. Mahindra has also teased their models and their prototypes in Auto shows. This clearly indicates that the companies will rival each other in the segment very soon. So here’s the list of Upcoming Electric Cars In India by Tata And Mahindra.

1. Mahindra e KUV 100


The KUV100 by Mahindra shares design with the existing combustion engine KUV100. Mahindra has teased the car in which we can clearly see some changes over the existing design. The headlights and taillights now come with blue highlights. The car will be using a 15.9 kW liquid-cooled battery which will power the single motor to generate 54.4Hp of power. With this battery, the car can reach the top speed of 147kms.

The battery on the car can be charged from 0-100 in 5.45 hours with a regular charger. And can be charged up to 88% in 55 min with a fast charger. With 100% battery charged the car can easily go up to 150km as the company claims. And Mahindra is still working on optimizing the battery to upgrade the range of this upcoming EV. As per reports, the car will be priced somewhere around 9-13 lakhs. The KUV100 is expected to hit the Indian roads in mid-2022.

2. Tata Altroz EV


The Altroz is Tata’s premium hatchback and similarly, the electric version of the hatchback will also feature a tonne of features. As Tata’s signature styling the car will also feature a blue badging on car. Features on the car include a floating touch screen automatic climate control and an 8 speaker sound system. Also, regenerative braking can be seen in the production model.

The car will use a 26KWh lithium-ion battery, which comes with IP67 water and dustproof rating. The car can be also fast-charged up to 80 percent in an hour. Tata also claims that the car will come with a driving range of 300-350km on a single charge. The car will enter the Indian market in march 2022 for the expected price of around 13 lakhs.

3. Mahindra E-XUV300


After a long waiting time Mahindra has finally revealed the electric version of the SUV. The car is a house-developed SUV that comes with a 50-volt powertrain that supports the motors from 60-280Kwh. The car will also feature fast charging and can give a driving range of 375km on a single charge. But the main highlight will be the price it is offered at, Mahindra is planning to launch the SUV at the starting price of 10-12 lakhs. According to reports, the car will be launched somewhere around mid-2022. And after the market launch, the car will rival the highest-selling EV Tata Nexon in the Indian market.

4. Mahindra Funster Concept

The car is still in development mode and is expected to make its debut in 2022. Mahindra has revealed it various motor shows and the styling and design of the car can attract anyone’s eyes. The facia of the car will feature 3 LED fog lights and a shark spin splitter with illuminating Funster badge. Mahindra Funster Concept will use a 59.2 kWh Li-ion battery which has a driving range limit of 520km.

5. Tata Punch EV


As we know Tata has recently launched the Punch in the Indian market. And the compact SUV is already in rumors and attracting more and more buyers in a short period. But Tata also has some plans to go electric with this new car. The car is expected to come with 26-30 Kwh Battery. The battery will be powerful enough to cover 200-220 km on a single charge. The car will be launched next year for the expected price of around 10-12 lakhs.

6. Tata EVision


This will be the long-range electric sedan from Tata Motors which will come with exclusive features. The looks and design of the car will be amazing and premium. The car will feature an 80Kw fast-charging battery, which will cover the range of 550-650 on a full charge. But because of the premium looks and design, buyers will also need to pay extra for this upcoming EV. The electric sedan is expected to come with a price tag of around 20 lakhs. The car will hit the Indian shores in April 2022.

7. Tata Sierra


Tata’s Luxury segment EV will be based on Tata’s Omega R platform which will carry a 40Kwh battery. And this battery will get a driving range of 300-350km on a single charge. The car will come in handy for the starting price of Rs. 16 Lakhs. Tata Sierra is Expected to launch in the Indian market in the festive season of 2022.


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