Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Top 10 Useless Car Features From Manufacturers

Cars have gotten a lot more comfortable and powerful to drive because to advancements in automotive technology. There are several technologies that make the automobiles more modern, ranging from a 360-degree parking camera to emergency braking aid. Nonetheless, some innovations, or, as we like to call them, NO-ments, are there in automobiles for no apparent purpose. Let’s take a look at ten such ineffective automobile features that automakers should eliminate.

1. Piano Finish Panels

Scratch-resistant? No! Is it dust-resistant? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no Fingerprints-resistant? Naah! So, what’s the point of having these panels in a car? You’ve just had your automobile for a day and these panels are already in desperate need of cleaning. As a result, a matte finish in the automobile is preferable to these Piano finish panels.

2. Seats with Fixed Headrests

Who are we, exactly? Carmakers! What are our objectives? To provide the finest possible comfort to our consumers! How do we intend to do this? By adding fixed headrest seats!!! That is, in fact, a genuine narrative that can be found in many low-end automobiles these days. That is not at all a comfort-enhancing feature. As a result, these fixed headrests must be changed with adjustable headrests to aid the reason. Take note, automakers!

3. Electronic Parking Brakes

Yes, we are moving toward a more technologically advanced future. However, there are certain things that are better in the handbook. One example is parking brakes, which are a must-have for anyone who enjoys drifting. Nonetheless, automakers have replaced the manual transmission with an electronic one. This not only eliminates drifts, but it also makes diagnosis and service more difficult. On a poor day, for example, if your car’s electrical systems fail, you won’t be able to use the parking brakes. Then you’ll be cursing the manufacturer! As a result, it is preferable to install a manual parking brake in automobiles.

4. CD Player and AM Radio

Is it really the year 2010? If that’s the case, CD players and AM radio will be standard in automobiles in a year or so. Nonetheless, several automakers include CD players and AM radio in their vehicles. Nobody has a CD collection these days, and that CD player is hardly used. Because mobile phones have surpassed all other forms of media, the automobile must enable Bluetooth connection, Android Auto, or Apple CarPlay. However, CD Player and AM Radio, we regret to inform you that your services are no longer necessary!

5. Fake Exhaust Tips

Well, this is a little embarrassing. Why install phoney exhaust tips if your automobile isn’t capable of producing that much power? Mufasa had this phoney sensation of authority when no one else was left to reign. It only seems amazing until a real automobile zooms by with genuine exhaust tips, making you reconsider your life choices. As a result, carmakers must make every effort to keep things as authentic as possible. Fake exhaust tips are just there to contribute to the car’s aesthetic appeal. That is all there is to it. Automobile manufacturers must also stop producing vehicles only for aesthetic reasons. I desperately want the muscle car era to return.

Good for people who know what this is. For those who don’t know, it’s a technology that connects your phone to your car’s entertainment system. Isn’t it supposed to be good? Without a doubt, no. What’s the point of linking your phone to your car and then having to use it to operate the system? When you’re seated in your living room, you can utilise mirroring to show something on your TV while controlling it with your phone. When it comes to autos, though, it is a complete waste of technology.

7. 3rd Row Seats in Compact SUVs

With a little extra length, the small SUV will transform into a real SUV. But that isn’t the point of this exercise. Why, therefore, would you add a third row to the back to make it a 7 or 8-seater when it wasn’t designed to be that way? Adding a third row to a Compact SUV is like to adding pineapple on a pie; it’s absolutely worthless. To make matters worse, the majority of the third-row seats are designed for those who have short or no legs since the row lacks legroom. In fact, the automobile barely has enough capacity for two extra persons with short legs.

8. Paddle Shifter in Low-End automatic Cars (CVT)

Paddle shifters are a lot of fun if you have a car with more than 400 horsepower. Paddle shifters, on the other hand, are as worthless as a gym membership in these epidemic times when it comes to automobiles with power ratings of less than 100 horsepower. Yes, you get the sensation of driving a sports vehicle, but you won’t be speeding past other cars while shifting the paddles in a thrill-free journey.

9. Voice Recognition

Unless you’re one of the Avengers and Jarvis or Friday are assisting you on a mission, you don’t need a speech recognition system on your automobile! If you truly want to be Tony Stark, you’ll be dismayed to learn that it’s not an AI and won’t take over the steering wheel. Yes, you may listen to music, but is it truly necessary?

10. Fake Plastic Roof rails

What are the functions of roof rails? They are designed for vehicles that must transport a large cargo. However, some carmakers appear to have added phoney plastic ones to make the automobile look more aggressive. These forgeries, on the other hand, will be of no use. As a result, they must be removed as they are simply extras that no automobile need. At least not ones with single-sheet metal roofs that can’t even withstand a hailstorm.


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