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Why Is There No Made-in-India Sports Car? AI Chat GPT Explains

Sports cars….each and every car enthusiast would like to own one regardless of what make or type it is. Germans, Americans, and Italians all produce amazing sports cars that make their drivers and anyone else who hears the dazzling noise their performance engines create smile.

Despite the fact that India is one of the world’s biggest markets for automobiles, there isn’t a single sports car produced in India by an Indian automaker, with the exception of the now-defunct DC Avanti.

Now that Chat GPT is gaining popularity across the globe, we thought it would be fascinating to learn the AI’s perspective on why there aren’t any Indian-made sports cars available right now. And the unexpected response was remarkably upright and, if we were being completely honest, a little “in-your-face” as well.

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“While India is a country with a thriving automotive industry, there are several reasons why there is currently no Indian sports car.

First off, creating a sports car takes a sizable time, resource, and financial commitment. It includes sophisticated engineering, R&D, testing, and production facilities that cost a lot of money. India’s automotive industry is expanding, but it is still in its infancy and is mainly dedicated to creating inexpensive, mass-market vehicles.


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