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Why Tesla Car is so expensive to repair ?

Ten years ago the automotive market was shocked by the appearance of premium tesla model s electric car. If the first roaster to turned out to be kind of experiment then the new expensive s model became the locomotive that propelled the American company into a brighter future. However, Tesla’s bouquet and flower period is coming to an end as we increasingly hear about serious problems arising from the famous manufacturer of electric cars.

One of the stumbling blocks is expensive auto repair. Tesla model s owners joke that of you give your child a baseball bat and leave it next to a electric car for a minute, it’s easier to buy a new car right away because repairing a couple of dents can cost upto 100,000 $.

Company’s Current Scenario :

Over a past the months Tesla has experienced a tangible drop in stocks which dropped down by 27.5 percent. Nevertheless, the manufacturer continues to hold the honorary title of the most valuable auto company in the world with an impressive capitalisation of 555 Billion Dollars. There are several reasons because of which company is going through difficult times. For ex. – difficult situation with suppliers of various parts and slow adoption of technologies for the production of batterie

Let’s take an example of the famous blogger mark hess browney. His model S was hitted by a truck on the side. However, all the repairs were limited to bodywork which costs him 51,000 $. In other words, the repair costed the price of a new electric Sedan. Similarly, there are hundreds of thousands of such stories. In this blog, we will be explaining why Tesla automobiles are so expensive to repair.

So, why are the Tesla repairs so expensive?

One of the main reasons for the frightening figures for the repair of Elon musk’s electric cars is the expensive parts. For instance, the body is fully made of aluminium which has done serious disadvantages namely the difficult processing procedure. When a dent or scratch occurs on a body the body structure is violated. For repairs, special rivets and binders have to be used which cost a lot of money. This costs them a hundreds or several thousands of dollars.

Another problem is the lack of highly qualified specialists in the service department. You might have heard stories about Tesla’s prolonged repairs. Therefore, right now the company is making every effort to train the personnel and educate employees. Higher part prices and personnel costs lead to higher repair costs as the service department needs to balance is budget.

The business owners need to spend over 100,000 $ on the purchase of equipments and various tools which affects costs of repairs. Taking this together this forms the rich guy syndrome. When you buy a car between 90 to 120 thousand dollars, you must be prepared for all the additional expenses that can be equal to the price of new electric car.

Since last decade, Tesla not only overcame difficulties associated with scaling up production, but the engineers improved the built quality, added new features and also tried to establish a quality maintainance services. However, a bunch of problems associated with the repair work remained without proper attention from the company for too long. But as we know, Elon Musk is famous for his ability to find a way out of the most complex situations. Perhaps, the most famous engineer and entrepreneur will be able to cut the gordian knots and renew confidence in their faith in their cars.


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