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2023 Toyota GR86 Does Awesome Drifting Video With GT86 And AE86

The drivers weren’t the MVPs on this video.

With the Toyota GR86 and its predecessors, drifting comes naturally. It boasts a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout, which is ideal for sliding around a race circuit or the brutal twisties of Japan’s Mount Akina.

That’s why this Toyota GR86 drifting video isn’t exactly a pleasant surprise. We all know these cars can do it, but the way this video was made was incredible. If you’re still curious after watching the 30-second video above, the Japanese carmaker has a behind-the-scenes video for you to watch below.

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The drivers weren’t the ones who had the toughest job in this shot; they were instructed to drift at will. It wasn’t the filmmaker, either, because framing three cars rolling sideways on a closed race track couldn’t have been that difficult.

The most difficult part of the job was being a drone pilot. The portion where the camera passed through the automobiles wasn’t some kind of Hollywood wizardry, as you should have seen by now. That was something the drone had to perform in real life. Because the work was so difficult, there were times when the drone collided with the cars rather than flying through the windows. If you ask us, it’s an insane stunt.

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If you’re wondering what “The FR” stands for, it’s Toyota’s method of describing the layout of these three automobiles. It stands for “front-engine” and “rear-wheel drive,” a combination that dates back to the AE86 Trueno. Fans of the original D would be aware of this.

We appreciate the drone pilot who was recruited for this 30-second film more than the automobiles themselves. We’re happy Toyota has released a behind-the-scenes movie to honour your efforts.

Source: Toyota Gazoo Racing via YouTube


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