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Acura Exiting Chinese Market After Only Six Years: Report

An official letter was sent to Acura customers in the country.

In the United States, demand for the new Acura Integra 2023 is strong, but it appears that things aren’t going as planned in China. The premium Japanese brand has a joint venture with local manufacturer GAC in the People’s Republic, but the firm’s operations are expected to be drastically cut starting in 2023. For the time being, no formal notification has been made, yet Acura buyers in the country have received a letter.

GAC Acura will discontinue operations next year, according to CarNewsChina, with both sales and production of existing items being cancelled. However, the article claims that the manufacturer may eventually introduce new goods to the Chinese market, particularly when new electric models are introduced. No exact time frame can be given at the moment, though. (

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Acura began selling automobiles in China in 2016, and sales peaked in 2019 with 14,701 vehicles delivered to consumers. Only 6,554 Acura vehicles were sold in the United States last year, despite the brand’s two-model lineup. The CDX and RDX SUVs are currently the only Acuras offered in the country, and both are outsold by their German luxury brand counterparts.

Honda also marketed the new NSX with an Acura nameplate for a short time, but sales were insignificant. The TLX-L sedan, which was only available in China, was similarly a flop on the market and was phased out just a few years after its debut. However, when the first electrified and electric Acura vehicles emerge, things may change.

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For the time being, GAC Acura staff will be absorbed into the GAC Honda family and will focus on the company’s growth. In addition, the company will continue to provide maintenance services to current Acura owners in the United States. The e:NS1 is Honda’s only electric vehicle accessible in China right now, but it’s still battling to find enough buyers. At least for the time being, the Honda e is not available in China.

Source: CarNewsChina


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