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Alpine A110 Sastruga Is A Cool Art Car Created With Racetracks And AI

The artists at Obvious fed data into a computer to generate this A110’s exterior.

It’s now time to move on to something altogether else. Art cars aren’t new, and we’ve seen some interesting ones throughout the years. The fact that this Alpine A110 is abstract isn’t what sets it apart. Seeing into an artist’s creative mind is always fascinating, but what if that mind is actually a number-crunching computer?

That is what sets this art automobile apart. Alpine calls it the A110 Sastruga, and it’s the invention of the Obvious collective’s artists – human artists. Obvious worked with Alpine for several months to create the visual style you see here, fusing the worlds of racetracks with artificial intelligence (AI). Keep in mind that it’s designed to resemble an imaginary racetrack as you go through the photographs below.

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Alpine claims that the artists were inspired by a variety of tracks throughout the world where the automaker “had distinguished itself on.” That information, which encompasses everything from pit lanes to accelerating and braking zones, was somehow entered into a computer. The nature of that translation process isn’t revealed, but that’s part of what makes it art, right?

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That is, at least, the human aspect of this artistic crusade. Obvious then employed artificial intelligence to transform these translations into the design shown on the A110 Sastruga. While tracks serve as inspiration, the project’s foundation is sastrugi, a name for snow that has been worn by the wind. That explains the intriguing geometric patterns and colours seen here, though they’re created using algorithms, machine learning, a particular equation, and other science-y terms we’re not familiar with.

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What’s more, you know what? That’s good, because the A110 is quite attractive.

“Obvious succeeded in capturing our brand’s DNA to create an original and distinctive work of art expressing our solid vision on the future,” said Laurent Rossi, Alpine SEO. “Obvious and Alpine share the same goal: to renew ourselves and explore an ever-expanding realm of possibilities through technical innovation. We are honoured to be affiliated with these creative artists and to contribute to the emergence of a new kind of creation through this partnership.”

Source: Alpine


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