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Crazy Crash In China Sees Car Land Neatly Into A Parking Space

The other cars got more than a dinged door, though.

It might be a pain in the buttocks to find the ideal parking location. One Chinese motorist, on the other hand, had no such issues. The driver of the car was caught on camera exiting the road, ramming into a line of parked cars, and careening over them into an open parking spot.

The magnitude of the damage is not revealed in the news story, but it does not appear to be minor. The car slammed with the first parked car at a high rate of speed, sending it flying into the second car, which was taller and flipped over in the collision. It almost clears the top of the third automobile before colliding into the fourth car in an open parking area. Broken car parts are scattered everywhere. The crash happened in the Chongqing municipality in southwest China.

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It’s unclear why the driver lost control, though it appears as if the car was traveling at a very high rate of speed around an otherwise lazy curve. It looks like the car hit a curb further up the road, which sent it out of control and crashing into the line of parked cars. The video captures the driver walking away from the crash. You can see him moving around the cabin before he opens the door, climbs out, and surveys his destruction.

To have enough momentum to fly over the three other cars, the car had to be going at a high speed. It also appears that it rained earlier, and semi-wet roads are very hazardous. Rain mixes with oil and other automobile fluids, making roadways slick if it doesn’t rain hard enough to wash the slippery mixture away. However, it appears that speed is a more important component in this case.

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No one was hurt, including the driver, according to CGTN. The film serves as a reminder to always obey the speed limit and keep your eyes on the road ahead. The report did not say whether the driver received any tickets or if the incident was caused by probable driver impairment.

Source: CGTN via Reddit r/Unexpected


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