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Major Crash On Pennsylvania Highway During Snow Squall Turn Tragic

At least three people died in a collision involving over 50 cars on I-81 northwest of Philadelphia.

Today, we have bad news from Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. An early spring snowstorm combined with fog resulted in white-out conditions along a section of Interstate 81, resulting in a terrible pile-up involving more than 50 vehicles. A large number of persons have been injured, according to reports. At least three persons were tragically killed.

The collision occurred in the northbound lanes of I-81 around 10:30 a.m. local time. The dramatic video at the top of this post records the action in real time; nonetheless, some viewers may find it upsetting.

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Several vehicles, ranging from cars to semi-trucks, emerge from the fog and snow seconds before colliding. A skidding SUV almost misses a person standing next to a vehicle on the shoulder in the video. Later, it shows a line of burning vehicles approaching the scene’s front, including at least one semi-truck. The video stops with the individual heading off to assist more motorists, although it’s unclear how long the collisions went on.

WFMZ-second TV’s footage (below) shows the length of highway as emergency crews work to put out fires and clear the area.

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The news outlet reports that 24 people were taken to local hospitals for injuries. Three people are confirmed dead, but it’s possible the number could rise as authorities continue searching vehicles and clearing the scene. As of the evening hours on March 28, the northbound stretch of I-81 – located approximately 100 miles northwest of Philadelphia – was still closed.

On a roadway, sudden snow squalls are one of the most dangerous things to encounter. Visibility can plummet to near zero in a second, and the rapid influx of snow can make driving treacherous. It’s tough to know how to react in such instances; the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation advises motorists not to press the brakes or drive off the road abruptly, according to ABC 27. The best advise is to turn on your regular and hazard lights, stay in your lane, gradually slow down, and take the next available exit.

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