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Anna Kendrick Car Collection | Car Collection Of American Actress Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick car collection has Toyota Prius, Lincoln Navigator, Audi A8, Audi R8 Spyder, Audi Q3, Classic Chevrolet Convertible, etc.

Anna Cooke Kendrick is an American actress and singer. She began her career as a child in theater productions. Her first starring role was in the 1998 Broadway musical High Society, for which she earned a nomination for the Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical. 

She made her film debut in the musical comedy Camp (2003), and rose to prominence for her role in The Twilight Saga (2008–2012). Kendrick achieved further recognition for the comedy-drama film Up in the Air (2009), which earned her a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, and for her starring role in the Pitch Perfect film series (2012–17).

Anna Kendrick Net Worth

Anna Kendrick is an American actress and singer who has a net worth of $20 million. Although Anna Kendrick started her career as a child actress in the theater world, today she is one of the most recognizable Hollywood actresses.

Anna Kendrick Car CollectionPrice (USD)
Toyota Prius$29,875
Lincoln Navigator$76,490
Audi A8$86,500
Audi R8 Spyder$154,900
Audi Q3$35,095
Classic Chevrolet Convertible———

1. Toyota Prius

Queen geek Anna Kendrick has been snapped loading up her Toyota Prius after a spot of shopping in L.A. Although Kendrick clearly isn’t a huge car fan, she is known for her love of Taco Bell, where she likes to visit the Drive-Thru at night, eating alone in her car.

2. Lincoln Navigator

The Twilight Saga actress also has this massive SUV. Cadillac Escalade has a lot standard luxurious stuff inside the vehicle and also has notable tow rating. Stepping out from such massive SUV everyone recognizes which makes you feel like celebrities. Despite its pop-culture status, the Escalade is really just an ordinary SUV playing dress-up. Behind the Escalade’s giant sparkling grille sits a mighty 420-hp V-8 engine connected to a 10-speed automatic transmission. The cost of massive rolling machine is a about $76,490.

3. Audi A8

Anna Kendrick loves owning extra ordinary luxuries thats why she also has this perfectly built Audi A8. The A8 is the king of Audi’s luxury sedans, packed with lots of tech including autonomous driving features and luxury options. It’s a luxury limousine that’s perfect for those who want the utmost in comfort without drawing unwanted attention with something more ostentatiously styled. Anna Kendrick’s Audi A8 has approximate price tag of $86,500

4. Audi R8 Spyder

Don’t be shocked if you will find Audi R8 Spyder in Anna Kendrick’s car collection. She owns this exiting supercar and obviously the V10 engine makes the R8 a potential collector’s car The R8’s cabin is clean and comfortable. Never lift off the throttle and the R8 will reach speeds above 200 mph. Hit it hard off the line and this V10 Performance Spyder will hit 60 mph in 3.3 seconds. This insane machine comes at the price tag of $154,900.

5. Audi Q3

Audi Q3 is also the part of Anna’s car list. Audi Q3 has sharp styling, plentiful tech features, spunky driving demeanor. Audi’s cheeky little SUV offers exactly what we expected from the tech-loving German automaker in a handsome and mostly practical package. This car has a estimated price tag of $35,095.

6. Chevrolet Convertible

Anna Kendrick’s car fleet also has this Chevrolet Convertible. However she don’t have much classic cars in her garage but still she owns this probably she finds something special in this Chevrolet Convertible. However she spotted very rarely using this car.

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