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Big wheels Cars in India | Top 10 Cars With Biggest Tyres In India

In a vehicle, a bigger wheel diameter means better handing. This might also increase the fuel economy in the highway use as well. In last few decades, there has been a rise in engineering advancements in the automobile industry. Engineers and designers have had to up their game to endure with the demands of customers for faster and more powerful cars. One of the major innovations is the introduction of wider tires for a better balance of cars through curves and bends at high speeds. We have made a list of Top 10 cars available in India with the biggest tyre sizes in 2021.

Big wheels Cars in IndiaTyre Size ( Inches )
Mercedes Benz AMG G-6320 Inches
Land rover range rover20 Inches
Porsche Cayenne21 Inches
Rolls – royce Cullinan21 Inches
Lamborghini Urus21 Inches
Mercedes-Benz G-Class22 Inches
BMW X5 M21 Inches and 22 Inches
BMW X721 Inches and 22 Inches
Aston Martin DBX22 Inches
Audi RS Q-823 Inches

10 – Mercedes Benz AMG G-63

Mercedes Benz AMG G63

This is a 5-seater luxury suv car. The tyre size is 20 inches and is available in India in one variant at a price of 2.44 Crore INR. The vehicle has a 4.0 diesel engine with an automatic transmission that generates 4000 cc.

9. Land rover range rover

Land Rover Range Rover

A 5-seater luxury suv which also has a tyre size of 20 inches. The vehicle is available in 16 variants and 2 engine options namely 3.0 Litre Petrol enginer & 3.0 Litre Diesel engine. However, the prices starts from 2.10 Crores INR.

8. Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne

The Porsche Cayenne is available in 4 variants with only a petrol engines and Automatic Transmission. The tyre size of the vehicle is 21 Inches which starts from a price range of 1.26 Crore INR to 1.96 Crore INR.

7. Rolls – royce Cullinan

Rolls-Royce Cullinan

This is also a 5-Seater Luxury SUV and has a huge tyre size of 21 inches, same as cayenne. The cullinan comes available in a single variant and has an ex-showroom price of whopping 6.95 Crores. The vehicle runs on a 6.8 Litre petrol engine which is further paired with an automatic transmission.

6. Lamborghini Urus

Lamborghini Urus

Urus is a 5 door SUV manufactured and produced by the italian manufacturer Lamborghini. The vehicle has a tyre size of 21 Inches and is available in india in 2 variants.

5. Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Mercedes Nemz G class

G-class is 5-seater luxury SUV and has a tyre size of 22 inches. It is available in india in 2 variants with 4.0 Litre petrol engine and 3.0 litre diesel engine.

4. BMW X5 M


The BMW X5 M costs 1.94 Crore INR and is sold in a single variant in India. The X5 M has tyre sizes of 21 and 22 inches and runs on a 4.4 Litre petrol engine with an automatic transmission.

3. BMW X7


The BMW X7 is a 7-Seater luxury SUV and has tyre sizes of 21 and 22 Inches, same as X5 M. The vehicle is sold in the price range of 1.12 to 1.65 Crore INR.

2. Aston Martin DBX

With a tyre size of 22 inches the Aston Martin DBX ranks 2nd in our list. The vehicle is available at a price tag of 3.82 Crore INR and is produced in a single variant. Furthermore, the DBX runs on a 4.0 Litre Diesel engine that generates a massive 4000cc.

1. Audi RS Q-8

The Audi RS Q-8 is also a 5-seater luxury SUV and tops our list with a huge tyre size of 23 Inches. Also sold in a single variant at a price point of 2.07 Crore INR. Furthermore, it runs on a 4.0 Litre petrol engine with a automatic transmission.

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