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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Car Collection

Boris Johnson’s rare and vintage car collection will astound you. Before becoming Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron was a well-known automobile columnist. The combination of humble and modern cars he owns explains some of his passion for automobiles. Let’s look at his car collection.

Car Collection of Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson Car CollectionPrices
Toyota Previa MPV$28508
Citroen AX$4,070
Range Rover Sentinel$350,000
Jaguar XJ$76,995
Tesla Roadster$200,000
Nissan Leaf$27,800

1. Toyota Previa MPV

Boris Johnson Toyota Previa

Boris used to drive a prominent vehicle called the Previa MPV. It combines the utility of an MPV with plenty of interior space. Aside from that, the Previa’s design and performance left much to be desired.

2. Citroen AX

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Another antique car in Boris Johnson’s collection is this Citroen AX, which was discontinued in 1998. This simple hatchback was quite popular at the time, but it was not something one would immediately associate with Boris, who was Member of Parliament (MP) at the time.

3. Range Rover Sentinel

Boris Johnson Range Rover Sentinel

Boris was given a Range Rover Sentinel as the official car of the British Prime Minister. It was armored and bulletproof, with run-flat tyres, because it was the PM’s car. Furthermore, the SUV can withstand grenade explosions beneath its floor. A self-healing fuel tank, an extra battery, and multi-laminated armour privacy glass are among the other notable features. Needless to say, the Range Rover has been heavily modified to maximise performance.

4. Jaguar XJ

Boris Johnson Jaguar Sentinel

It was a common and understood practise for the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to drive a British car. As a result, the Range Rover was preceded by the bulletproof Jaguar XJ Sentinel. Boris’ predecessor, Theresa May, was frequently seen in the Jaguar XJ. The luxury sedan could withstand rifle fire and explosions. The Range Rover and Jaguar are the poshest models in Boris Johnson’s car collection, representing British-made official vehicles for the UK PM.

5. Tesla Roadster

Boris Johnson Tesla

Boris, being a car enthusiast, embraced the electric mobility drive much earlier than the rest of the world. Boris was one of the first people to own a Tesla Roadster, which was manufactured between 2008 and 2012. Because the concept was novel at the time, only 2,500 units were ever produced. Despite the fact that the technology was not as prevalent and common at the time, the EV had an impressive 0-96 km/h acceleration time of only 3.7 seconds.

6. Nissan Leaf

Boris Johnson Nissan Leaf

Boris’ passion for EVs is understandable given that he also owns the world’s first most popular EV, the Nissan Leaf. In addition to the Tesla, the Leaf was his everyday go-to EV in 2011. Back then, Leaf was the most popular mass-market product in the world. As a result, Boris Johnson’s car collection includes the Leaf.

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